• Photos of Kate Winslet's semi-naked husband that are banned in the UK are revealed in major US publication

    Super Update:

    Here is the long awaited descriptions of Ned Rocknroll's party pictures from the National Enquirer!

    The source that described the shocking photos of Ned Rocknroll to the National Enquirer said
    "There's nothing innocent looking about these photos."
    "They are disgusting and disturbing."
    The source saw the photos when they were uploaded to the public Facebook account of James Pope, a friend of Ned Rocknroll.
    The photos were available for over 2 years on Facebook. They were only removed after London's Sun decided to do a story about them.

    According to the source the photos are of Ned at a 21st birthday party in 2010, where Ned Rocknroll
    turned up "completely naked."

    The source goes on to say:

    “Ned’s wearing just a black military-style jacket cropped at the waist, orange Adidas sneakers and black socks, his face is covered by a black leather bondage — or gimp — mask, with holes cut out for his eyes, and he has a fake beard. Tied around his waist is a doll the size of an 18-monthold child! The ‘baby’ is wearing a hooded top and its head is stuck to Ned’s genitals as if performing a sex act! It is sick, sick, sick! Standing next to Ned in the photo is someone dressed as a priest. It’s outrageous!”

    The attorney for the couple in his letter to the National Enquirer claims it is not what it seems and provides a different story to explain the disgusting pictures.

    Bucking Bronco ride...

    The attorney claims that "Ned attended the party in “a tailcoat and a mask with horns.” At one point during the night, he said, “Mr. Rocknroll took off his boxer shorts and gave them to his wife at the time because she wanted to go on a ‘Bucking Bronco ride’ and he was concerned she would be exposed.”
    He further stated that, "another man in attendance at the party — “not Mr. Rocknroll — placed a ‘cabbage-patch doll’ he had brought with him over Mr. Rocknroll’s private parts."

    It seems that debating the depth of the debachery of the pictures is a rather moot issue, however I don't think anyone would argue why the couple would go to court to supress the story.


    Update: The Daily Mail has the scan of the story and if you look closely you can see the back of the page showing through in the image. The back of the page is definitely the crossword from the National Enquirer. So the story is definitely in a copy of the National Enquirer.


    I have checked the National Enquirer here in America for May 2nd, May 9th, May 16th and May 23rd and there are no stories about Ned Rocknroll (Edward Able Smith) the husband of Kate Winslet.

    The only story in any of these National Enquirer editions that even mentions Kate Winslet is one that refers to her having had a nose job in the May 16th edition.

    Perhaps it will be in the edition of the National Enquirer which will come out this Friday, which will be the May 30th edition.

    Any ideas?

    If you have any other ideas on where to check just let me know in the comments.
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