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Revised 1/1/2016

This community is restricted to users 18 years of age and older.

Legal Disclaimer

The messages in this community represent the opinions of their respective authors and not necessarily those of LongRoom.

Purpose of this Community

This community exists for the principle purpose of discussing world news with a fact-based focus.

General Rules

This community is a functioning crowd sourced blog. As such you may create discussions about news, opinion, personal interests or entertainment.

Spamming, that is, the posting of the same material again and again, is not permitted.

Intentional personal harrassment of another member of the community is not permitted.

It is prohibited to take any action that might negatively impact the functioning of this system. This includes, but is not limited to, DDOS attacks, or the exploitation of system anomalies that might be discovered.

Creating multiple accounts for the purpose of promoting a particular agenda is not permitted.

Accounts created are for individual and exclusive use.

Adding content that provides information on the creation or assembly of devices designed for the purpose of destruction, is prohibited.

Adding content regarding the unlawful possession or use of firearms, illegal drug use, or any other item or act that is illegal is prohibited.

Access to this community is at the sole discretion of the system moderators and administrators and may be revoked or limited at any time and for any reason.

As this community is composed of only those 18 or older, this community is by definition a community of adults. Because of this, we do not censor specific words, but you may. The use of profane language is neither encouraged, nor restricted. However, tools are provided so that a user may select to have profane words filtered from posts that they see. A user may also choose to ignore posts from any other user. If you choose to use profane language it is recommended that you do not attempt to obfuscate the profanity. This facilitates other users being able to choose to have the profanity replaced with "****".

You agree that jurisdiction in all matters related to your access and use of this system resides in the United States, State of Nevada, and that all disputes between yourself and LongRoom's owners, agents and assigns will be construed under and, if necessary, litigated therein.

You agree that by using this system you waive any putative or actual right to seek class-action status in any legal action related to this site or its owners and assigns and that you will bring any action related to your access, acts, privileges or otherwise only in your personal capacity.

You agree to indemnify LongRoom.com against any and all fees, costs and/or judgements accruing to LongRoom.com or its owners arising from or related to your actions on LongRoom, including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees and costs.

It is expected that you will not violate the copyrights of others or engage in defamatory, libelous, threatening or otherwise actionable speech.

Including links to content that violates any of the Terms of Service is prohibited.

Signature blocks are provided as a convenience to the user and should not be contructed in a way as to be detrimental to the display of content. Signatures may be modified or removed at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of the system moderators or administrators.

Access to this system is a privilege and not a right or a contractual obligation, and may be revoked, terminated, enhanced, or modified, at any time, for any reason and without notice.

The design of this system does not support the practice of prior restraint, that is, editorial control. For that reason, it is quite possible that content in violation of these Terms of Service may exist at any given time, and you consent to the potential display of same by accessing this system.

By posting here you are granting an unlimited, royalty-free license to the system administrators and owners to use your contributions in any compilation, without limitation.

We reserve the right to make changes to this document at any time with or without notice. By logging in to this site, you agree to those changes.

A current copy of this document can be found by following the Terms of Service link on the homepage.

Copyrights on LongRoom

The following provides a general overview of copyrights held by posters and LongRoom.

All posters hold copyright individually to any content they contribute to this site.

As referenced above in the Terms of Service, LongRoom reserves the right to use your material in any compilation, online or otherwise.

LongRoom holds a compilation copyright on the material posted here on the system in its entirety.

You may, of course, use your personal postings (work) anywhere you'd like, as they are yours. This is a consequence of your creation of a "unique work", which happens when you "fix" your expression in any tangible form.

Posting Guidelines And Copyright On LongRoom

If you are providing content that is not your original work, you should be aware of the following:

In general, a notice is not required for a work to be copyrighted. Copyright accrues the moment a work is "fixed in a tangible form," such as writing the work on a piece of paper, or typing the work into an electronic system.

The use of copyrighted material is specific to actual manner of usage and not whether commercial purposes are involved. Specifically, "Fair Use" is a subjective term of art. For instance, a university that copies and gives away text books, even though the university is a non-profit entity, would still be liable for copyright infringement and not be eligible to claim "Fair Use" of the original work.

"Fair Use" generally applies when a few paragraphs are used as part of a system that includes comments on the paragraphs or the subject of the paragraphs.

Another point to consider, is the effect the copied content will have on sales. To the extent the copied content enhances sales, for instance paragraphs included in a book review, the "Fair" argument is enhanced.

As already mentioned, these examples are subjective.

Only expression is copyrightable. You cannot copyright facts or ideas. For instance, the score of a game or the value of a stock at a particular time cannot be copyrighted. Which means you may reproduce them as often as you would like. However, a discussion of the game, or an event, is a copyrighted work. This means that whenever you paraphrase or offer an opinion on an event or article, that is your expression, and as such becomes copyrighted by you the moment you reduce it to a tangible form.

Government publications are not copyrighted.

The embedding of YouTube videos and other similar content, where the publisher makes available that facility is permitted.

Without respect to the inclusion of an "embedding feature," the holder of the content has the ability to control access to the content at their discretion. For instance, YouTube provides video posters the ability to select "embedding disabled." If this is chosen, the video will not play when it is embedded.

Images are treated in a similar manner. This is commonly referred to as "Hotlinking" using the "IMG" tag. In some cases, publishers may object to this as it consumes some of their bandwidth when the content is displayed from their server. However, this also assures the publisher that they have absolute control as to whether to permit the display or not. Copying the content and reposting it would be a violation of copyright, however, use of the "IMG" tag is always permitted when the desire is to include a graphic or image from another site, as this leaves the complete control over whether the image is displayed with the holder of the content.

The same principle applies to posting a URL, this is always permitted. Clicking the URL causes the source page to be displayed and the server from which it comes is under the control of the rights holder who can determine whether the display occurs or not. This particular issue has been litigated against Google and Google prevailed in the case.

Only the rights-holder and/or the poster are capable of determining with accuracy if the particular use is permitted.

Please note this is a general overview of some aspects of copyright as applies to online environments and is not intended to be of any value or useful as legal advice.

Privacy Policy

LongRoom may actively collect and use email addresses and user names to monitor and track usage and user compliance with the website's Terms of Service and Rules and Regulations.

The registered user's email address and user name may also be utilized to enforce compliance with the Terms of Service. This enforcement may include suspending a user account temporarily or permanently from the LongRoom website if a user fails to use appropriate behavior on the website. It may also be used to notify registered users of any information regarding the site, such as any amendments to this Privacy Policy. The aggregated information may also be used to analyze statistics and usage on the website, and to offer programs, products, or services related to LongRoom.

Any collected information may be disclosed if required by law, for example, in reply to a subpoena or court order. We may also need to disclose information to service providers or companies providing support for the operations of the website which would not be used or disclosed for any other reason or purpose. We may also disclose PII in reply to a public or law enforcement agency's request, to the extent permitted by law. We may also disclose this information if we feel that by doing so, it would prevent the instigation of a crime, or to facilitate a public safety related investigation, or to protect the security of the website, or to enable us to take reasonable steps to reduce liability.

It is our policy not to sell or permit your email address to be used by any third parties.

In the event that LongRoom is sold in entirely, or in any part, or that or is involved in any business restructuring or merger, PII may be transferred to a third party associated with that transaction, as permitted by and in compliance with applicable law.

Finally, for reasons of security PII may be transferred and stored outside of the jurisdiction of members of LongRoom.

Unique Identifiers and Cookies

Unique identifiers or "cookies," are small text files that are placed in user's computer browsers to store preferences. Cookies do not collect or contain any PII. We may use unique identifiers to track such information as number of users, usage and tracking of frequency and what sections and parts of our site are visited.

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