Long Room - About Us

Our community is focused on world news, opinions, and personal interests. We eschew the labels of conservative and liberal as these terms have become hopelessly corrupted.

Our guiding philosophy is based on this principle:
It is forbidden to eat food which is taken from others by force.

Once this is understood, the entire philosophy of our community grows from that understanding.

Our Management Team

Michael Ellis - Managing Editor (LR_Michael)

Michael Ellis is an Internet Executive with over 23 years of experience, including general management of mid to large sized publications. He has been involved with internet community management his entire career.

Chris Moore - Digital Media Administrator (LR_Chris)

Chris Moore's career spans more than 15 years as an entrepreneur and principal in e-commerce, software, and server management.

Fiona McDonald - Systems Administrator / Art Director (LR_Fiona)

With over twelve years of experience Fiona McDonald has worked in a multitude of media. She has created and designed logos and brand identity for corporations and small businesses alike, as well as designing and administrating successful community driven web sites.

Ryan Barrett - Content Manager (LR_Ryan)

Ryan has experience in newspaper journalism, new media, and professional media as well as social media and community management.