• ScienceDaily | 2/14/2019 | Staff
    In a new paper, publishing February 14, 2019 in Schizophrenia Research, researchers at University of California San Diego School of Medicine report that, on average, persons with schizophrenia (PwS)...
    308 views shellshockked
  • spectrummagazine.org | 2/12/2019 | Staff
    It is a remarkable fact, given Christianity’s 2,000 years of history, that Jesus was not a Christian nor is it at all certain that if he could walk among us in the flesh that he would know what to...
    206 views boti
  • Rick Thomas | 2/4/2019 | Rick Thomas
    The counterintuitive irony of the gospel is that God calls us to a place of weakness so He can perfect His strength in us. This perspective sounds good conceptually, but it hard to live out when...
    151 views emilia
  • The Aquila Report | 1/14/2019 | Staff
    First-century Christians seemed “strange” to their pleasure-pursuing contemporaries (1 Peter 4:3–4). They trusted in a cross-centered message that looked feeble to some and foolish to others (1 Cor.
    361 views kims
  • RevGalBlogPals | 1/1/2019 | Staff
    Its one of those rare Sundays when Narrative Lectionary and RCL mirror one another, and we all pause to celebrate Epiphany. Epiphany is a funny concept. We think of it as a sudden burst of...
    349 views Zorra
  • The Daily Signal | 12/19/2018 | Staff
    Dennis Prager is a columnist for The Daily Signal, nationally syndicated radio host, and creator of PragerU. When I talk to young people, I try to offer them what I was offered when I was their age,...
    171 views katz1234
  • Parent Cue | 11/5/2018 | Sarah Anderson
    When you become a parent there’s a phrase you start throwing around: “My parents did __________, but I will never do that.” My parents said ___________, but I’ll never say that. I’ll never yell.
    38 views Firefang
  • utmost.org | 10/29/2018 | Staff
    The modern view of the death of Jesus is that He died for our sins out of sympathy for us. Yet the New Testament view is that He took our sin on Himself not because of sympathy, but because of His...
    429 views Kota79
  • Parent Cue | 5/10/2017 | Holly Crawshaw
    “If any of you needs wisdom, you should ask God for it. He will give it to you. God gives freely to everyone and doesn’t find fault,” (James 1:5, NIRV). James wrote this verse for a very specific...
    398 views jster97
  • RevGalBlogPals | 10/23/2018 | Staff
    The text for this week is 1 Kings 3:4-9, (10-15), 16-28. Commentary at Working Preacher is here. Our focus this week is the wisdom of Solomon, both how he acquires it, and how he dispenses it.
    170 views kimberly163
  • First Things | 10/23/2018 | R. R. Reno
    This essay was first published in two installments of the Public Square: “Let's Lead, Not Be Led” and “Sacramental Realism.” The angel of the Lord came to Mary, and the power of the Most High...
    358 views SweetStuff33
  • www.christianpost.com | 10/11/2018 | Staff
    Perhaps you consider yourself to be a wise person, and maybe your family and friends would agree with your assessment. But are you wise in the things of God? That is to say, have you tapped into...
    442 views PaMe

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