• earthsky.org | 9/18/2019 | EarthSky
    Image via NASA/Bill Brassard. The astronauts wear weighted vests and backpacks to simulate walking on the moon, which has one-sixth the gravity of Earth. The huge pool is used primarily to train...
    482 views ridge-kh
  • phys.org | 9/10/2018 | Staff
    Electrochemical cells help recycle CO2. However, the catalytic surfaces get worn down in the process. Researchers at the Collaborative Research Centre 1316 "Transient atmospheric plasmas: from...
    1.1K views shellshockked
  • earthsky.org | 5/19/2019 | EarthSky Voices
    An array of leaves showing the diversity of kelp in underwater Arctic forests. Image via Karen Filbee-Dexter. Did you know that there are forests in the Arctic? Lush - Forests - Seaweeds - Kelps -...
    720 views finter
  • phys.org | 4/23/2019 | Staff
    A team of researchers has produced a record-shattering underwater sound with an intensity that eclipses that of a rocket launch. The intensity was equivalent to directing the electrical power of an...
    345 views reantes
  • WIRED | 4/26/2019 | Laura Mallonee
    You might say Christian Vizl's passion for underwater photography was handed to him—literally. Ten years ago, while exploring a beautiful coral reef in Belize, a fellow diver suddenly passed him his...
    170 views amyc9948

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