• TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Tom
    One of the hottest names coming up now, and for good reason, is Brie Larson. She’s always an award-winning actress but while she’s been noted for some roles she’s definitely going to get a serious...
    756 views red815
  • TVOvermind | 5/13/2018 | Nat Berman
    Rurouni Kenshin is a popular anime television series. It’s one of those animated shows that people either love or hate. It’s s show that is packed with adventure and martial arts but it’s also a...
    574 views marked
  • TVOvermind | 12/14/2018 | Nat Berman
    Nostalgia Critic is a popular series on the web that offers viewers some great comedy and a trip down memory lane. While the frontman serving as the Nostalgia guy is a sweetheart we all love and...
    650 views nally
  • TVOvermind | 5/13/2018 | Nat Berman
    Inuyashiki is a sci-fi manga that started up in January of 2014 before coming to a conclusion in July of 2017. It is centered on a man named Inuyashiki Ichiro, who manages to become a super-human...
    255 views blacky
  • TVOvermind | 5/13/2018 | Nat Berman
    Houseki no Kuni is a manga series about a group of immortal humanoids who are the living embodiment of gemstones. It has received an anime adaptation, which was so well-received that it changed the...
    566 views monna
  • TVOvermind | 12/14/2018 | Nat Berman
    Blue Exorcist started out as a manga series that has been running since April of 2009. Said manga has proven to be popular, so much so that it has received an anime adaptation with two seasons so...
    185 views ajoy26
  • TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Tom
    Sometimes when musicians have issues in their lives there are people that might say “oh poor baby, pity you” with sarcasm dripping off every syllable. In Halsey’s case however those folks might need...
    275 views angelinewinsor
  • TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Tom
    As one of the most popular and widely-publicized individuals in the world Bruno Mars has hit the top spot more than once and he’s been one of those individuals that a lot of people know about either...
    499 views bungienet
  • TVOvermind | 2/7/2016 | Tom
    If you want to look at a guy that seems to have done a massive turnaround with his career then Chris Pratt would be one of the first ones you should look at. If you ever watched Parks and Recreation...
    468 views ali11
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