• phys.org | 5/30/2019 | Staff
    When a hurricane is coming, even baby sharks get out of the way. Bradley Strickland, a Ph.D. biology student, found juvenile bull sharks fled the safety of the Florida Everglades for the open ocean...
    425 views KHALED
  • livescience.com | 9/8/2019 | Mindy Weisberger - Senior Writer
    Sharks are magnificent predators that represent an impressive evolutionary success story. They've swum the oceans for more than 400 million years, diversifying over time to inhabit rivers and lakes...
    1.4K views TimHyuga
  • phys.org | 10/25/2018 | Staff
    About 30 countries back proposals to better protect species of mako shark (such as the one pictured) and a range of critically endangered ray species in the guitarfish and wedgefish families.
    314 views donuzumaki
  • phys.org | 5/13/2019 | Staff
    There are two hot spots where great white sharks surface, data from the shark tracking organization OCEARCH shows. The first is the waters off Cape Cod in Massachusetts, scene of the Jaws movies.
    519 views Celtics2212
  • phys.org | 7/15/2019 | Staff
    Even the remotest parts of the ocean appear to offer highly migratory sharks little refuge from industrialized fishing fleets, according to a major new international study published in the journal...
    341 views Alenaaa
  • phys.org | 7/12/2019 | Staff
    Sharks often get a bad rap, even though most species are harmless to humans, says Katherine Maslenikov, manager of the UW Fish Collection at the Burke Museum. In honor of Shark Awareness Day on July...
    409 views MonkeyBubble

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