• earthsky.org | 9/12/2019 | Deborah Byrd
    View larger. | The Hubble Space Telescope’s Wide Field Camera 3 observed Saturn on June 20, 2019. That was shortly before Earth flew between Saturn and the sun on July 9, and thus Saturn was...
    358 views pixielilia
  • earthsky.org | 9/7/2019 | Bruce McClure
    Look for the planet Saturn in the vicinity of the moon as darkness falls on September 7 and 8, 2019. Saturn is actually a bit brighter than a 1st-magnitude star, but this world still might be hard...
    974 views applecan
  • steemit.com | 9/5/2019 | Staff
    NASA image, shadow of Saturn over the ring system: Attempt at imitation by early Pharaohs: Troy - McLachlan - Saturn - Death - Cult Troy McLachlan's "Saturn Death Cult", 2'nd edition ( www.
    327 views cute16
  • phys.org | 9/2/2019 | Staff
    Saturn may be doing a little electromagnetic shimmy and twist which has been throwing off attempts by scientists to determine how long it takes for the planet to rotate on its axis, according to a...
    851 views applekip
  • creation.com | 9/3/2019 | Russell Grigg
    The planets are young: 4 We continue our response to the 2019 BBC-TV series The Planets, narrated by Professor Brian Cox. In this article we are considering the fourth episode, titled Life beyond...
    231 views HelloimMe
  • CNET | 7/19/2019 | Eric Mack
    Coming to a park near you, if that park has an extra $250,000 in the budget. Just in time for the 50th anniversary of NASA's Apollo 11 astronauts landing on the moon, the space agency has a very big...
    949 views leeann77
  • earthsky.org | 8/6/2019 | Jay Ryan
    Artist’s concept of Jupiter and Saturn in December of 2020, as viewed from a space-based perspective. Notice that – on December 16, 2020 – the moon will also be part of the view.
    289 views cv2angels
  • earthsky.org | 7/14/2019 | Paul Scott Anderson
    Reprinted with permission from AmeriaSpace. It was a much-anticipated announcement, but the winner of NASA’s next New Frontiers mission selection is … Dragonfly! This ambitious mission will be the...
    714 views malik778
  • earthsky.org | 6/28/2019 | Eleanor Imster
    New images of Saturn’s rings show how adjacent rings, even those in very close proximity, may have different textures. Note the straw-like textures and clumps. Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space...
    357 views reantes

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