• Jesus Creed | 1/9/2020 | Staff
    Ben Witherington III, Isaiah Old and New, sees later Isaiah 14-39 coming from the time of the historical Isaiah, the prophet in Judah through the time of Hezekiah, before the fall to Babylon.
    671 views Kota79
  • Jesus Creed | 1/2/2020 | Staff
    Early Isaiah 1-12 contains three significant passages read by the apostles, the evangelists, and the early church as messianic prophecies fulfilled in Jesus. These passages vary in their context in...
    748 views doona07
  • Jesus Creed | 12/31/2019 | Staff
    There are a number of places in the Bible where apparently contradictory accounts are recorded. The crucifixion accounts in John (on Passover day when the lambs were sacrificed) and the Synoptics...
    556 views PinkPuffFairy
  • Jesus Creed | 12/26/2019 | Staff
    I will finish out this Christmas season with a link to a recent issue of CBE’s Mutuality Magazine: Rediscovering Mary. The issue features a series of articles exploring Mary the mother of Jesus from...
    1.4K views ElizabethLeigh008
  • Jesus Creed | 12/24/2019 | Staff
    I recently began to read a new book, The Liturgy of Creation by Michael LeFebvre. The central premise of this book is that we will best understand Genesis 1 when we first understand how calendars...
    551 views cindy95240
  • Jesus Creed | 12/19/2019 | Staff
    Most Christians have a deep appreciation for the scriptures, both the Old Testament and the New Testament. For those who were not raised in the church however, or who have for any one of a number of...
    1.1K views jenn1020
  • Jesus Creed | 12/17/2019 | Staff
    This time of year we can’t look at the book of Isaiah without considering the messianic prophecies in chapters 7 and 9. The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the...
    157 views Night987
  • Jesus Creed | 12/12/2019 | Staff
    Jonathan Moo in Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World (chapter 5) argues that Israel’s relationship with the land teaches us how to approach God’s good creation.
    498 views echolea
  • Jesus Creed | 12/10/2019 | Staff
    The book of Isaiah is long and complex. General consensus holds that it was compiled over time. The historical prophet Isaiah of the late 8th century BC, possibly a court prophet, was followed by...
    245 views srqlolo
  • Jesus Creed | 12/3/2019 | Staff
    Jesus read Isaiah. Luke relates Jesus’ first recorded teaching moment, after his baptism and temptation. Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about him spread through the...
    275 views Cayley1561
  • Jesus Creed | 11/26/2019 | Staff
    How can a loving God create humans in his image only to consign millions make that billions of them to hell? The current population of earth is around 7.7 billion.
    548 views n.king
  • Jesus Creed | 11/19/2019 | Staff
    If there is a single question that has stood the test of time it is the problem of pain. How could a loving God allow so much inherent pain and suffering? The question has stood the test of time...
    749 views doona07
  • Jesus Creed | 11/12/2019 | Staff
    We’ve been working through Luke Timothy Johnson’s recent book Miracles: God’s Presence and Power in Creation. The focus in this book is on the New Testament miracles, signs and wonders of Jesus...
    356 views roxy2707
  • Jesus Creed | 11/7/2019 | Staff
    He went to Nazareth, where he had been brought up, and on the Sabbath day he went into the synagogue, as was his custom. He stood up to read, and the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed to him.
    186 views celticprincess1105
  • Jesus Creed | 11/5/2019 | Staff
    I am not a city person – I find the great outdoors far more interesting. Sometimes we are lucky and the great outdoor comes to us! Saturday morning we were treated to a window seat as ‘nature’ took...
    618 views Mkgirlz
  • Jesus Creed | 10/31/2019 | Staff
    The Gospel of Mark moves at lightning speed, from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in his adult life inaugurated with his baptism by John to the empty tomb following his crucifixion.
    528 views hoppers911
  • Jesus Creed | 10/29/2019 | Staff
    This is the next question raised in Rebecca McLaughlin’s recent book Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion. On this question, I take a slightly different tack...
    568 views Night987
  • Jesus Creed | 10/17/2019 | Staff
    We all prefer friends who are just like us … personality, age, education, social class, marital status, politics. This is simply human nature it appears – with both good and bad consequences.
    600 views sheenabeanna
  • Jesus Creed | 10/15/2019 | Staff
    Certainly I assume that scientific methods based on the natural laws we know and are yet uncovering will apply to the questions about facts of nature. This informs the way I view the fossil record,...
    377 views kims
  • Jesus Creed | 10/10/2019 | Staff
    It is dangerous to read the Bible. I mean the whole Bible cover to cover. It may not live up to your expectations. Of course, if we take Scripture seriously, we should read and consider the whole...
    295 views Zorra
  • Jesus Creed | 10/8/2019 | Staff
    It has been a very busy start to the academic year. I’ve been planning to dig into the book (and video course) by Doug and Jonathan Moo Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World, but...
    492 views celticprincess1105
  • Jesus Creed | 10/1/2019 | Staff
    How can you be a Christian? In my experience there are three big subtexts to this question these days, science, women, and sexuality. Other questions are important as well … but these are the...
    418 views echolea
  • Jesus Creed | 9/17/2019 | Staff
    This is the next question in Rebecca McLaughlin’s new book Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World’s Largest Religion. Anyone who has read my posts over the years will know that my...
    818 views yana.boo
  • Jesus Creed | 9/12/2019 | Staff
    I began leading a discussion class last Sunday using The New Testament You Never Knew, featuring N. T. Wright and Michael Bird. In the initial session Tom Wright comments that the New Testament is...
    517 views red815
  • Jesus Creed | 9/5/2019 | Staff
    After a long hiatus, I return to look at Rebecca McLaughlin’s book Confronting Christianity. Bertrand Russell (Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization? in Why I am Not a Christian),...
    717 views Firefang
  • Jesus Creed | 9/3/2019 | Staff
    Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start … The next chapter in Douglas and Jonathan Moo’ recent book Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World looks at Genesis 1...
    680 views TaylorShaye
  • Jesus Creed | 8/29/2019 | Staff
    Tuesday’s post on creation care highlighted the need for a careful and informed approach to the bible and to biblical theology. There are not easy and straightforward answers to many of the...
    377 views urbanagirl3
  • Jesus Creed | 8/15/2019 | Staff
    I am on vacation this week in the Minnesota north woods. My parents have had a place on a lake since I was 3 (early 1960’s) and I’ve been spending time here ever since. When I was young (i.e.
    574 views taylorswift10
  • Jesus Creed | 8/13/2019 | Staff
    The Bible isn’t “Green.” That is to say, it doesn’t directly address the environmental issues of our day. It does provide guidance however. Several years ago I posted on Iain Provan’s book Seriously...
    543 views ali11
  • Jesus Creed | 8/8/2019 | Staff
    In John 18:36 Jesus responds to Pilate’s questioning “are you the king of the Jews?” saying “My kingdom is not from this world. … But as it is, my kingdom is not from here.
    708 views adele2234
  • Jesus Creed | 8/6/2019 | Staff
    In the final chapter (actually an epilogue) of The Bible in a Disenchanted Age: The Enduring Possibility of Christian Faith, Walter Moberly digs biblical literacy and a Christian privileging of the...
    855 views darkkazune
  • Jesus Creed | 8/1/2019 | Staff
    The book of Revelation also known as the Apocalypse of John can be rather hard to understand. It is, after all, apocalyptic literature – a form a bit ‘interesting’ in the Old Testament prophets and...
    642 views Firefang
  • Jesus Creed | 7/30/2019 | Staff
    These posts were my first attempts at blogging. After the fact I realized that, unlike teaching in Sunday school or the college classroom, this blog’s conventions allows fewer opportunities for...
    907 views iVchan
  • Jesus Creed | 7/25/2019 | Staff
    But they deliberately forget that long ago by God’s word the heavens came into being and the earth was formed out of water and by water. By these waters also the world of that time was deluged and...
    779 views madalina09
  • Jesus Creed | 7/23/2019 | Staff
    One framework from Social Work that helps to differentiate the work of Philip from Paul is examining their respective levels of intervention, from the micro to the macro (Acts 8-28, especially 20).
    871 views DebraS
  • Jesus Creed | 7/18/2019 | Staff
    I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.
    884 views cute16
  • Jesus Creed | 7/11/2019 | Staff
    Jonathan Moo and Robert White in Let Creation Rejoice: Biblical Hope and Ecological Crisis turn from the evidence for environmental crisis and global warming to a Christian response.
    841 views ali11
  • Jesus Creed | 6/27/2019 | Staff
    When I started this series on creation care I received an e-mail questioning the wisdom of diving into the topic. For many creation care is synonymous with climate change or global warming.
    209 views k.collazi
  • Jesus Creed | 6/20/2019 | Staff
    I am beginning a series of post every week or so looking at what is often called “creation care” and the biblical mandate for human interaction with the earth on which we live.
    232 views katz1234
  • Jesus Creed | 6/18/2019 | Staff
    What does the Bible teach and why should such a belief be a good thing? Throughout his book Moberly has used passages from Aeneid 1 and Daniel 7 as case studies to discuss the privileging of the...
    708 views iloveangie02
  • Jesus Creed | 6/13/2019 | Staff
    Climate change is an issue that is not going to go away. It is also not an issue where ideology or worldview will ultimately play any significant role. Either humans are impacting the climate or we...
    238 views gracey
  • Jesus Creed | 6/6/2019 | Staff
    Most readers of this blog live in societies that try (not always successfully) to foster freedom of religion. The governments don’t require any specific set of religious beliefs or practices.
    523 views iloveangie02
  • Jesus Creed | 6/4/2019 | Staff
    What comes first, the church or the bible? In many respects this is a chicken or egg question. It isn’t really possible to separate the two. We have the bible through the church and we privilege the...
    910 views tingting2000
  • Jesus Creed | 5/30/2019 | Staff
    Several years ago I posted on a short book by Josh Reeves and Steve Donaldson: A Little Book for New Scientists: Why and How to Study Science. One chapter in this book deals with humility and … The...
    220 views hakimi308
  • Jesus Creed | 5/28/2019 | Staff
    Doesn’t Christianity crush diversity? Isn’t it another example of Western imperialism? Rebecca - McLaughlin - Confronting - Christianity - Questions Rebecca McLaughlin, Confronting Christianity: 12...
    771 views townskey13
  • Jesus Creed | 5/23/2019 | Staff
    I am reading through Walter Moberly’s recent book, The Bible in a Disenchanted Age: The Enduring Possibility of Christian Faith. Chapter 3 presents the bulk of his argument for the Bible as a...
    222 views Caris
  • Jesus Creed | 5/21/2019 | Staff
    It is all over the news – well occasionally anyway. Religion is in a decline with a significant increase in the number of people claiming no religion. The change is particularly significant among...
    514 views Firefang

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