• Variety | 2/21/2020 | A.D. Amorosi
    Whether as co-founder of Black Sabbath or as a solo artist, Ozzy Osbourne spent his life and art (at least, the non-reality television part) conjuring death, summoning its spirits and welcoming its...
    246 views stefania
  • Variety | 2/25/2020 | Peter Debruge
    At a surprise party for his daughter, a randy Italian homeowner studies a neighbor’s wife through the sliding glass door and describes all the ways he’d like to violate her.
    368 views cyanbyte
  • Variety | 2/28/2020 | Owen Gleiberman
    These days, the horror-fantasy thriller tends to be a junk metaphysical spook show that throws a whole lot of scary clutter at the audience — ghosts, “demons,” mad killers — without necessarily...
    199 views joyy
  • Variety | 2/21/2020 | Alissa Simon
    More often than not, “A” festival competitions privilege the arty over the entertaining, so hats off to the Berlinale Generation section, where the two qualities frequently coexist.
    594 views j.moomin
  • Variety | 2/23/2020 | Guy Lodge
    In a rare moment of light, everyday pleasure in the otherwise perma-brooding “Funny Face,” two young Brooklyn lovers build sandwiches from international deli ingredients, accompanied by Serbian...
    333 views celticprincess1105
  • Variety | 2/22/2020 | Guy Lodge
    There’s a hint of John Ford to “High Ground,” a sinewy, sun-baked faceoff between indigenous and invading armies in the Arnhem Land wilderness of Australia, though by now we probably need a better...
    1K views kims
  • Variety | 2/23/2020 | Peter Debruge
    Christian Petzold’s “Undine” begins with a breakup. Framed tightly on the face of lead actor Paula Beer, we absorb the news as she does. But this is no ordinary separation, and as jilted lovers go,...
    297 views Pumpkinajn
  • Variety | 2/8/2020 | Jessica Kiang
    At dawn in an orderly, middle-class suburb in regional Germany, three young people — a girl and two guys — stagger home from a night out. Two of them are siblings, two of them friends and two of...
    467 views shankay
  • Variety | 2/22/2020 | Jay Weissberg
    There are a host of important, even vital ideas behind “All the Dead Ones,” a hybrid period piece addressing Brazil’s unresolved legacy of slavery and the imprint it’s had on an all-too-often...
    609 views Claw987
  • Wired | 2/23/2020 | Matt Jancer
    I'd forgotten it was cold inside until I picked up an aluminum laptop and it felt like ice. Then I noticed my fingertips and toes were freezing. It was weird, knowing I was cold yet not feeling cold.
    450 views sheenabeanna
  • Variety | 2/22/2020 | Peter Debruge
    In “Schindler’s List,” most of the actors spoke English, using accents to indicate their characters’ origins. In “Son of Saul,” the cast struggles to communicate in a mish-mosh of languages, as Jews...
    1.2K views Coraav
  • Variety | 2/21/2020 | Peter Debruge
    As context for those unaware, South Korea does not have the equivalent of the United States’ Second Amendment. Instead, the country enforces strict gun control — privately owned weapons must be...
    1 view applecan
  • Variety | 2/21/2020 | Guy Lodge
    Handsome twentysomething Luc is a trainee joiner, a craft inherited from his doting single dad: a man at once proud of his son’s continuation of their trade, and hopeful that he’ll do something...
    1 view jenny1246
  • Variety | 2/21/2020 | Nick Schager
    Slick Woods plays the titular streetwise 18-year-old New Yorker in “Goldie,” a character who’s constantly running toward, or away, from things — a life of perpetual motion that doesn’t actually get...
    1 view kshama-s
  • spectrummagazine.org | 2/22/2020 | Staff
    There are few things I love more than sitting down with a good book, whether an old favorite like Dickens’s Bleak House or a new find like George Takei’s “graphic novel” account of the Japanese...
    1 view Matty123
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