• Variety | 7/14/2018 | Daniel D'Addario
    Sacha Baron Cohen feels like the ultimate George W. Bush-era comedy star. The early-to-mid-2000s, after all, were when Baron Cohen enjoyed his high point of fame, when TV’s “Da Ali G Show” and the...
    397 views srqlolo
  • hrtapps.com | 7/12/2018 | Staff
    I’ve been using Mac laptops for a long time, going back to the very first portable Apple ever made, so I was really excited when Apple sent me a new MacBook Pro to test and review.
    396 views loranseen
  • Variety | 7/13/2018 | Dennis Harvey
    “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is purportedly the most-produced of all the Bard’s plays, but neither that nugget nor its cinematically friendly fantasy elements has done it many favors on film.
    297 views elio25
  • Variety | 7/9/2018 | Andrew Barker
    Matthew Ross’ “Siberia” is the rare film involving diamond smuggling, international intrigue, double-crosses and Russian gangsters that might have actually been better off jettisoning all of those...
    395 views catcrazy24
  • Variety | 7/11/2018 | Daniel D'Addario
    The fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, may be one of the most bedeviled in all of American letters, absorbing trauma after trauma before resiliently cropping up for more punishment the next time...
    587 views ridge-kh
  • The Heidelblog | 7/11/2018 | Staff
    A decade ago Mark Noll and Carolyn Nystrom published Is the Reformation Over? An Evangelical Assessment of Contemporary Roman Catholicism. The book was measured in its answer, but in an interview at...
    465 views jster97
  • Collider | 7/11/2018 | Matt Goldberg
    Skyscraper is an action movie, and that’s the most you can really say about it. It lacks even the briefest spark of imagination, and while it may celebrate not being based on pre-existing material...
    140 views loranseen
  • Variety | 7/13/2018 | Nick Schager
    A time-traveler becomes fragmented in disastrous ways, and so too does the film itself, in “7 Splinters in Time,” edited to ribbons in a schizoid manner that likely only makes complete sense to its...
    298 views kimberly163
  • Variety | 6/9/2018 | Eddie Cockrell
    “This is what happens when you make up stories,” one character says about three-fourths of the way through the confidently ambitious “The Second,” and the line is a succinct summation of the...
    264 views crazycool12
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