• Parent Cue | 6/20/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    A single dad I know, let’s call him Rob, is trying to raise three teenage sons on his own. He works a full time job and then goes home to another one–raising his kids. He doesn’t get much of a break.
    927 views angelinewinsor
  • Fox News | 9/11/2018 | Ryan Gaydos
    35-year old man bitten by alligator at Cliff Stephens Park in Clearwater, Fla. A man was bitten by an alligator while playing disc golf at a Florida park Monday, authorities said.
    591 views kims
  • phys.org | 8/29/2018 | Staff
    Globally, there are almost 7,000 species of frogs, the majority of which occur in the tropics. In order to systematically survey their distribution and detect population trends, experts until...
    798 views Mijac
  • phys.org | 1/8/2018 | Staff
    Microbial mats that existed on sea floors prior to the Cambrian explosion provided the foundation for early animal life to arise, new research looking at trace fossils of that early life has found.
    550 views monna
  • phys.org | 5/28/2018 | Staff
    A key question in evolutionary biology is how new functions arise. New research at Uppsala University, Sweden, shows that bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria) can contribute to new...
    544 views newusr01

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