• TVLine | 2/22/2020 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | As self-obsessed record store owner Rob Brooks in Hulu’s reboot, Kravitz gives the kind of performance that’s easy to overlook. Rob is cool and charming and fun to hang out with,...
    1 view Matty123
  • TVLine | 2/15/2020 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | For much of Locke & Key’s freshman run, neighbor Ellie Whedon was a bit of an enigma, always leading us (and Nina) to view her with a slightly wary eye — especially once she...
    776 views katz1234
  • TVLine | 2/8/2020 | Team TVLine
    THE SHOW | Chicago P.D. THE PERFORMANCE | It’s been days, but we still haven’t recovered from this week’s harrowing Chicago P.D., during which Squerciati delivered a performance that was so...
    1.3K views PaMe
  • TVLine | 1/25/2020 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | In Thursday’s winter premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, as Bailey struggled to regain control following her miscarriage and the accident that had imperiled husband Ben, Wilson sketched a...
    771 views princessmary1234
  • TVLine | 1/18/2020 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | There were plenty of reasons to keep our eyes glued to The Outsider’s series premiere: The unsolved mysteries! Jason Bateman’s excellent direction! That creepy guy in the hoodie!...
    480 views trainman
  • TVLine | 12/21/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | Breaking Morning Show news: Aniston is an absolute revelation as embattled co-anchor Alex Levy. We knew the Friends all-star had comedy chops to spare.
    1.1K views just-me
  • TVLine | 12/14/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | As scintillating as it was to see Spencer, in earlier episodes, play “Doris” as a cool ‘n’ crafty femme fatale, it was her work in the season finale that most affected us — as well...
    413 views fufu-fefe
  • TVLine | 12/10/2019 | Team TVLine
    Another excellent year of television has yielded some truly extraordinary performances. But which small-screen thespian delivered the best work of 2019? Throughout the last 12 months, our Performer...
    161 views maddyb7
  • TVLine | 11/23/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | For four seasons now, as genius hacker Elliot, Malek has been nearly impenetrably cool, burying any and all recognizable human emotions deep underneath that black hoodie of his.
    1.6K views Claw987
  • TVLine | 11/16/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | Rome Howard has had a tough year. Consequently, Malco has had a great one — especially in terms of how he’s so carefully and powerfully mined his character’s journey with...
    1.4K views newisbetterthanace
  • TVLine | 11/9/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | True story: We almost named Blackk Performer of the week back in September, when his debut as This Is Us‘ Malik confirmed that the When They See Us actor was a bona fide...
    949 views Pumpkinajn
  • TVLine | 10/19/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | Patterson arrived on our radar three years ago via her brilliantly wackadoodle role as Danny McBride’s unhinged girlfriend/stalker on HBO’s Vice Principals.
    765 views rach-rach
  • TVLine | 10/12/2019 | Team TVLine
    Performer of the Week: Alisha Wainwright (10/5) Performer of the Week: Jennifer Morrison (9/28) PERFORMANCE - | - Just - Buck - Heroism THE PERFORMANCE | Just as Buck’s heroism on Monday’s 9-1-1...
    1K views TimHyuga
  • TVLine | 10/5/2019 | Team TVLine
    You know what’s not so super? Being a superhero’s mom. But in Netflix’s new series Raising Dion, Alisha Wainwright makes all of that worry, wonder and WTF? look really good.
    967 views Nighty
  • TVLine | 9/28/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | The Season 4 premiere of NBC’s three-hankie family drama was admittedly a bit jarring, introducing us to a slew of new characters all at once — but we don’t mind as long they’re...
    1.8K views amyc9948
  • TVLine | 9/7/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | It was tremendously difficult to see rock-steady Aunt Violet get shaken by both the truths spilled in Nova’s book and Jimmy Dale’s unwanted reappearance that followed.
    1.1K views penaert
  • TVLine | 8/31/2019 | Team TVLine
    Carnival Row Premiere Recap: Do You Believe in Amazon's Faerie Tale? Succession Recap: A-Hunting We Will Go -- Who Tattled on Logan? PERFORMANCE - | - Opening - Hours - Amazon THE PERFORMANCE | In...
    1.1K views marika
  • TVLine | 8/24/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | Pose‘s greatest gift has been introducing us to an incredibly talented crop of LGBTQ performers who’d never been given the proper spotlight before.
    1.5K views melanie7
  • TVLine | 8/17/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | Animal Kingdom’s Craig perfectly summed up our reaction to Smurf’s searing swan song when he all but gasped, “Oh, s—.” After his mom’s suicide mission went sideways in the...
    1K views cyanbyte
  • TVLine | 8/10/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | It’s a question Younger fans have wondered since Day 1: How will Diana Trout, the no-nonsense marketing maven and queen of statement necklaces, react when she inevitably learns...
    1.3K views gemini2323
  • TVLine | 8/3/2019 | Team TVLine
    OITNB Star Struggled With Episode 4's Final Scene: 'Mentally, It Was Rough For Me to Get Through' THE PERFORMANCE | During Orange is the New Black‘s seven seasons, we have watched as Taystee evolved...
    1.1K views jollyjetta
  • TVLine | 7/27/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | As the outrageous ball emcee on FX’s groundbreaking LGBTQ drama, Porter’s Pray Tell is the unofficial den mother for the entire ball community.
    1.6K views eymira
  • TVLine | 7/20/2019 | Team TVLine
    Big Little Lies: Did Shailene Woodley Just Drop a Huge Season 2 Finale Spoiler? Big Little Lies Season 2 Finale Sneak Peek: 'The Lie Is the Friendship' PERFORMANCE - | - All - Season - HBO THE...
    512 views Arceus
  • TVLine | 7/6/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | We know this is a weird request to make — in this space, especially — but we’d be OK with it if Zendaya were a little less good at her job: She plays Euphoria‘s Rue, a grieving...
    441 views urbanagirl3
  • TVLine | 6/15/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | FX’s groundbreaking LGBT drama came strong out of the gate with a powerful Season 2 premiere that showed just how far Blanca and her kids have come… and how far they still have to...
    725 views doona07
  • The Rush Limbaugh Show | 6/12/2019 | George Prayias
    RUSH: You know, the Democrats, they’re also off and harping about something now, and it’s funny. Mayor Pete. I just watched a clip of Mayor Pete out there. “I guarantee you,” said Mayor Pete, “if I...
    133 views ditranian
  • TVLine | 5/25/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | No matter how you felt about Thrones‘ series finale — yeah, we were mixed on it, too — we can all agree on one thing: Dinklage was simply terrific in it, putting the perfect bow on...
    924 views my_new_puppy
  • TVLine | 5/18/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | “This honor doesn’t just belong to me,” said Sheldon as he began his Nobel Prize acceptance speech. And neither does this Performer of the Week distinction just belong to his...
    832 views maddixxsammm25
  • TVLine | 5/4/2019 | Team TVLine
    THE PERFORMANCE | Comer’s effortlessly chic assassin Villanelle is a soulless killing machine, without an ounce of recognizable human emotion in her body… or so we’ve been told by BBC America’s...
    843 views Kaliela101

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