• ChurchMag | 10/4/2019 | Allison Dye
    May this Snack Pack have something just for you. This well-written and informative piece on The frustrating, enduring debate over video games, violence, and guns is definitely worth reading.
    789 views Kota79
  • ChurchMag | 9/20/2019 | Allison Dye
    I looked through the internet and found some snacks for your Friday! Enjoy! Cheese Slices, Condiments, and Other Object Collections Bound into Books, yep, you read that right.
    247 views leeann77
  • ChurchMag | 9/13/2019 | Allison Dye
    The image for this week’s Snack Pack, is some sort of sandwich, I don’t know what it is but I was hungry when I chose it. Don’t worry I chose everything else in the Snack Pack carefully.
    619 views fofo
  • ChurchMag | 9/6/2019 | Allison Dye
    Here’s to hoping this Snack Pack is the cheese on the cheeseburger of your week. As we head into the month of September and summer comes to an end, I felt that Seth Godin’s post, Cognitive load is...
    838 views donuzumaki
  • ChurchMag | 8/30/2019 | Allison Dye
    From Android date usage to miniature horses flying on airplanes, I think I got everything you need in this week’s Snack Pack. I’m not sure how many of you are Android users but I am and this article...
    569 views InLove4567
  • ChurchMag | 8/23/2019 | Allison Dye
    Happy Friday ChurchMag Fam! Hope you find something “appetizing” here. Words that matter is a really good read, by Seth Godin. He reminds us that so many skills are decisions we can make.
    875 views fufu-fefe
  • ChurchMag | 8/16/2019 | Allison Dye
    Here I am wishing I could buy you all an ice cream cone but all I’ve got is this Snack Pack; my virtual ice cream cone to you. The World’s Largest Bicycle Garage Opens in Utrecht topping Tokyo.
    947 views ryanthecoolman
  • ChurchMag | 8/9/2019 | Allison Dye
    Tips for church communicators, failure, cats in hats, a profound yet simple wellness tip and more in this week’s Snack Pack. I hate failure, I mean, don’t we all? But Seth Godin’s post this week...
    951 views elio25
  • ABC News | 8/7/2019 | Staff
    Wildlife officials say at least three new wolf pups have joined the only known pack in California. KQED reports that trail cameras set up by the state Department of Fish and Wildlife in northeast...
    345 views jollyjetta
  • ChurchMag | 8/2/2019 | Allison Dye
    I’ve got food AND a condiment for you in this week’s Church Tech Snack pack! Balanced Gourds and Stacked Loaves Compose Bountiful Still Lifes proving that playing with your food can be fruitful.
    372 views penaert
  • ChurchMag | 7/26/2019 | Allison Dye
    It’s Friyay! Hoping this Snack pack can put the “yay” into your Friday. Marvel revealed massive Phase Four film and television plan AND I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED! I saw some of the casting for...
    525 views applecan
  • ChurchMag | 7/19/2019 | Allison Dye
    I’ve got things for cat people and dog people, and people who love naps in this weeks’ Snack Pack. “Everyone draws the line somewhere,” writes Seth Godin in this blog post, reminding us that...
    374 views springergirl77
  • ChurchMag | 7/12/2019 | Allison Dye
    An article on portion control for our consumption of things on the internet, and a video about cooking recipes from Breath of The Wild, really put the “snack” into this week’s Snack Pack.
    446 views j.moomin
  • ChurchMag | 7/4/2019 | Allison Dye
    From Instagram stories updates to mobile apps for churches, I think I got you all covered. Leave stones unturned is a good piece of advice from Seth Godin this week.
    305 views bungienet
  • ChurchMag | 6/28/2019 | Allison Dye
    Take this Snack Pack as my “Happy Weekend” gift to you. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes, by Seth Godin, is a definite must-read. Apples - Oranges - Come - Together - Photographs These Apples and Oranges...
    727 views tanikaki

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