• phys.org | 8/6/2019 | Staff
    If you could travel back in time 3.5 billion years, what would Mars look like? The picture is evolving among scientists working with NASA's Curiosity rover. Imagine ponds dotting the floor of Gale...
    555 views cv2angels
  • CNET | 10/7/2019 | Corinne Reichert
    What Mars may have looked like. NASA scientists believe Mars may have had an oasis environment around 3.5 billion years ago, they said Monday. Evidence of ponds scattered across a 100-mile-wide...
    559 views Coraav
  • CNET | 6/10/2019 | David Carnoy
    Nab a Kindle this Father's Day. With only a few days to go before Father's Day, Amazon has all its Kindle e-readers on sale. The deal on the new Kindle Paperwhite, released last November, isn't...
    189 views dewby
  • www.archaeology.org | 4/11/2019 | Staff
    (Duby Tal/Albatross/Alamy Stock Photo)Excavations at the site of Ein Gedi, the largest oasis on the barren and rocky western shore of the Dead Sea, have revealed a village that persisted from the 7th...
    434 views leeann77
  • TVOvermind | 4/10/2018 | Tom
    Oasis was a popular English rock band that came to prominence in the 90’s and developed from an earlier group called The Rain. Unfortunately the band, while good with each other for a while, would...
    281 views red815
  • TechCrunch | 3/13/2018 | Brian Heater
    I’m sure someone, somewhere out there was holding out on purchasing Amazon’s most premium Kindle reader because it wasn’t quite fancy enough for their taste. Perhaps this little garish addition will...
    135 views Mijac

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