• phys.org | 2/14/2017 | Staff
    The Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitats Institute is working to ensure that the first long-term settlement on other planetary bodies are safe from hazards such as a meteoroid colliding with the moon...
    189 views Refel_4309
  • CNET | 4/15/2019 | Amanda Kooser
    Do you see the House Stark logo in this Mars landscape? If you're still swooning after Sunday's Game of Thrones season 8 premiere, you might look at this image of Mars and see a familiar sigil, the...
    170 views penaert
  • Townhall | 4/13/2019 | Staff
    Scientists just announced that they’ve located signs of methane on Mars, a gas that does not necessarily indicate biological life, but rather points them in the right direction.
    1.5K views ashb0101
  • earthsky.org | 4/10/2019 | Eleanor Imster
    View larger. | The CaSSIS camera onboard the ESA’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter captured this image of Mars’ surface on January 4, 2019. It shows a region northeast of Copernicus Crater, in the...
    465 views urbanagirl3
  • Space.com | 4/8/2019 | Elizabeth Howell
    Since the 1950s, humankind has launched dozens of missions to Mars in an effort to get to know our planetary neighbor better. Some of the missions were flybys, gathering information in brief bursts.
    195 views AnnieFoxx
  • earthsky.org | 4/7/2019 | Paul Scott Anderson
    Artist’s conceptof Mars Express in orbit around Mars. New analysis of data from the spacecraft has independently confirmed the first detection of methane by NASA’s Curiosity rover in 2013.
    1.5K views gracey
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