• Blog & Mablog | 7/16/2019 | Douglas Wilson
    BOOK LIST? If you were to create a list of books to equip men who are not able to attend seminary but yet have a desire to know God, to enjoy Him, and to help others do the same, what would it...
    475 views Goobee
  • Blog & Mablog | 7/2/2019 | Douglas Wilson
    HAPPY FOURTH! Malachi, the Latin word foedus means covenant, which is the understanding we must recover. But there is a Latin homophone which means stinky, which might be the source of all our...
    194 views bluelilly
  • Blog & Mablog | 6/25/2019 | Douglas Wilson
    “This leggings parade is not (in most instances) a personal and lascivious ‘screw me’ invitation. It is an insolent and culture-wide ‘screw you’ that is aimed at the patriarchy and men in general.
    187 views ziggy1023
  • Blog & Mablog | 6/11/2019 | Douglas Wilson
    As someone who lives a hop, skip, and jump away from the finest little school in town (yes, public) and with four little tikes needing an education, I am having a hard time picturing what a...
    666 views samtetley
  • The Aquila Report | 5/17/2019 | Staff
    Do you see, Theophilus, how pride can find its way into all manner of churches? And to what does this pride lead but divisions between those who ought to be united and to an ugliness that cannot...
    508 views chicana948
  • Blog & Mablog | 5/14/2019 | Douglas Wilson
    Since I was mentioned…. I would like the chance to clear up what I mean by “apostate” as it relates to Matthew Lee Anderson. First, I am not proclaiming that I have knowledge of his eternal destiny.
    574 views gabriella250
  • Blog & Mablog | 4/30/2019 | Douglas Wilson
    Isaiah, there is a section in my book Mother Kirk that addresses this particular question. The short answer is that vigilante action will only make things worse, while action by the lesser...
    281 views ryanthecoolman
  • Blog & Mablog | 4/23/2019 | Douglas Wilson
    I believe that some afghans would make a room more comfortable, but for most people, Afghans, unless carefully chosen, would not. Jane, I need to tell you I did it right the first time, but...
    227 views shuadah
  • Blog & Mablog | 4/16/2019 | Douglas Wilson
    Re: “I may address some other things from Mason’s book as time goes by. That all depends upon whether I am sufficiently provoked.” I miss No Quarter November. Any chance of a reprise this year?...
    418 views Kota79
  • Blog & Mablog | 4/9/2019 | Douglas Wilson
    Thank you for this. Would you mind explaining briefly what “woke” is, in laymen terms, and would you mind giving a brief explanation of why it’s sin? I agree that it is sin, but there are these...
    219 views KimmyPoo
  • Blog & Mablog | 4/2/2019 | Douglas Wilson
    My ministry colleagues here at Grace Church and Grace to You at last have an official and absolutely complete version of the ShepCon Panel Q&A Of Note posted.
    469 views Micaella

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