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  • Tim Challies | 5/13/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a trio of books from Crossway. Gamers aren’t exactly who most people think they are. “The average American video gamer is 33 years old, prefers to play on their...
    706 views moemajor
  • Tim Challies | 5/11/2019 | Staff
    There are a few more Kindle deals to round out the week. The Mission Field Needs ESL Teachers. Can You Be One of Them? Opportunity - Types - English - Speakers—students - Teachers “There is a great...
    1.1K views iceyy
  • Tim Challies | 5/10/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a book by Jen Pollock Michel as all as one by John Piper. Why Did Jesus Need to Be Baptized? Question - Family - Devotions - Jesus - People This question came up very...
    474 views Lord
  • Business Insider | 5/9/2019 | Mikala Jones-Fielder, Caroline Mishelle Aghajanian, INSIDER
    Following is a transcript of the video. Caroline: We're here at Monster A GoGo in Los Angeles. It's a "scare-wear" shop that has a range of horror, punk, goth clothing and accessories, and today,...
    350 views ashb0101
  • TMZ | 5/9/2019 | Staff
    Los Angeles is a Clippers town. Los Angeles is a Clippers town. Los - Angeles - Clippers - Town Los Angeles is a Clippers town. Breathe that in. Digest it. Because that's the world we live in right...
    322 views hubbog
  • Business Insider | 5/14/1956 | Joe Avella, Conner Blake, INSIDER
    Joe Avella: My name is Joe, and I'm on a quest to find the best burger in Los Angeles. I love eatin' burgers so much. "Yeah." And today, despite my cardiologist's advice, I'm eating at four of the...
    142 views Les7799
  • Business Insider | 5/9/2019 | Conner Blake, Sydney Kramer, Mikala Jones-Fielder, INSIDER
    Following is a transcript of the video. Sydney: OK, so there are people in LA that are comparing this plant-based burger chain to In-N-Out. We're gonna try both and see if we can tell the difference.
    507 views ditranian
  • Tim Challies | 5/8/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a little grab bag of this and that (with Diarmaid MacCulloch’s excellent history of the Reformation in the mix). This week’s deal from Westminster Books is a new book by...
    212 views Matty123
  • Tim Challies | 5/7/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a couple of books from RHB and a biography of Tolkien. This can’t be said enough. “As the platforms age, their devotees become more and more distinct from the regular...
    188 views Matty123
  • Tim Challies | 5/6/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a selection of books about heaven. I appreciate this appreciation. “Wiersbe challenges me to see that any work not done in the service of God and his people is...
    384 views mel4
  • Tim Challies | 5/4/2019 | Staff
    There’s a whole stack of Kindle deals you’ll want to work through today. Trevin Wax: “What put Christianity in the crosshairs of Caesar and the Roman authorities was this explosive combination of...
    765 views cute16
  • Tim Challies | 5/3/2019 | Staff
    There is once again a solid list of Kindle deals for you to consider today. We’re spoiled. “Living as an American in a developing country has forced me to wrestle hard with what I believe.
    530 views springergirl77
  • Tim Challies | 5/2/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a big list of titles from Eerdmans. They include some commentaries as well as four great books by David Wells. Westminster Books has a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that...
    750 views newisbetterthanace
  • Tim Challies | 5/1/2019 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good selection from a bunch of publishers. Logos users will want to look at the free (and discounted) books of the month. Article - Technology - Money - Apple -...
    506 views Mijac
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