• Tim Challies | 2/27/2020 | Staff
    I think Ellie Holcomb is creating some of the most enjoyable-for-adults kids’ music today. Her new album Sing: Remembering Songs is proof. Westminster Books has a great sale on a great Sinclair...
    169 views superdudea
  • Tim Challies | 2/26/2020 | Staff
    Logos users, don’t forget that individual volumes in the excellent NIC commentary series are on sale for just $19.99. That sale ends very soon. Kevin DeYoung knocks this one out of the park.
    222 views ali11
  • Tim Challies | 2/24/2020 | Staff
    I had a very enjoyable weekend here in Littleton, Colorado, and was blessed to meet so many of you. And now all that remains is for me to make the homeward journey! Today’s Kindle deals include...
    259 views MonkeyBubble
  • Tim Challies | 2/23/2020 | Staff
    Happy Sunday! If you have a few spare moments to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon, here are some links that may be of interest. “Christ Be All” Hymn - Listening - Sunday - Morning Here’s a beautiful...
    1.2K views iVchan
  • SteynOnline | 2/22/2020 | Staff
    Parasite recently became the first foreign film to win the Oscar for Best Picture. The first foreign film ever nominated in that category, however, was Jean Renoir's Grand Illusion (1937).
    427 views applekip
  • Tim Challies | 2/22/2020 | Staff
    The best of the bunch in today’s Kindle deals is William VanDoodewaard’s excellent The Quest for the Historical Adam. Kimberly Wagner writes about the most frightening words for those who are...
    1 view Firefang
  • Tim Challies | 2/21/2020 | Staff
    I’m off to Denver today to speak several times over the weekend at Littleton Bible Chapel. I look forward to meeting some of you there! Today’s Kindle deals include Reading Timothy and Titus with...
    578 views vegdancer18
  • Tim Challies | 2/20/2020 | Staff
    I wanted to remind you that I’m now into the pre-order phase for my new book and documentary series Epic: An Around-the-World Journey Through Christian History. If it’s something you plan to...
    148 views spiderMonkey
  • Rolling Stone | 2/19/2020 | Elias Leight
    Pop Smoke, the rising New York rapper whose gruff-voiced style made fans of stars like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, was shot and killed in Los Angeles on Wednesday. A representative for the LAPD...
    149 views darktm22
  • Tim Challies | 2/19/2020 | Staff
    Last week’s article on blogging resulted in a flood of people sending their blog to me. There were so many that I couldn’t reply to each of you personally, but do know that I’m grateful.
    308 views cyanbyte
  • Liberty Nation | 2/18/2020 | Tim Donner
    Editor’s Note: Say What? is the segment of Liberty Nation Radio where we unveil some of the most wacky, astonishing, and damnable things uttered by politicians and the chattering class.
    720 views roxy2707
  • Tim Challies | 2/18/2020 | Staff
    I spent a chunk of yesterday’s Family Day holiday catching up with some of the longform articles I had bookmarked but not yet gotten around to reading. You’ll see a few of them appear in A La Carte...
    600 views Kezzerxx
  • Tim Challies | 2/17/2020 | Staff
    It is Family Day here in Canada—a holiday invented recently (as a campaign promise, I think) just to give us a day off in February. I gladly accept it. There are just a few Kindle deals today—two of...
    273 views jster97
  • Tim Challies | 2/15/2020 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a pretty good selection. You’ll find some older ones, plus some new ones like the highly-regarded A Big Gospel in Small Places. Jim Elliff: “My list doesn’t include a...
    308 views ziggy1023
  • Tim Challies | 2/14/2020 | Staff
    A quick look at my weather app shows a frigid -14 Celsius out there this morning. Beside it is the “feels like” temperature which accounts for wind and other factors; it is registering at -24.
    159 views Pumpkinajn
  • Tim Challies | 2/13/2020 | Staff
    Westminster Books has a sale on a new book for kids—one that will help prepare them for what they will inevitably someday see online. Over at Amazon you’ll find a few Kindle deals.
    341 views iceyy
  • Tim Challies | 2/12/2020 | Staff
    … by mentioning that I dug up some new Kindle deals. Logos has individual volumes in the NIC series at just $19.99—an amazing price. Many are considered top-quality, (e.g.
    322 views just-me
  • Tim Challies | 2/11/2020 | Staff
    There is not an extensive list of Kindle deals today, but there are still a few interesting ones, including Tremper Longman’s highly-recommended introduction to Proverbs.
    175 views TaylorShaye
  • Tim Challies | 2/10/2020 | Staff
    It’s not the greatest day ever for Kindle deals, but there are at least a few there. Pizza & Coke for Communion? Clint - Archer - Shares - Thoughts - Lord Clint Archer shares some valuable...
    256 views madalina09
  • Tim Challies | 2/8/2020 | Staff
    Today’s Kindle deals include a few classics plus a few newer books. Ed Welch has one geared specifically to men: “You believe that Jesus pursues you. You are letting go of old lies that suggest he...
    491 views townskey13

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