• phys.org | 5/2/2018 | Staff
    Unfortunately ice is a hot topic when it comes to understanding and monitoring how this fragile component of the Earth system is being affected by climate change.
    297 views Omnista
  • phys.org | 3/15/2019 | Staff
    This image shows a quasar nicknamed the Teacup due to its shape. A quasar is an active galaxy that is powered by material falling into its central supermassive black hole.
    324 views MonkeyBubble
  • phys.org | 2/20/2019 | Staff
    Down to the microscopic level, nanoparticles show promising properties. A team of experts in Italy has spent years tailoring tiny inorganic materials and analysing their behaviour.
    781 views cv2angels
  • phys.org | 6/29/2018 | Staff
    The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over an area in southern Germany, where approximately 15 million years ago an asteroid crashed through Earth's atmosphere.
    808 views Night987
  • phys.org | 6/10/2018 | Staff
    This final traverse map for NASA's Opportunity rover shows where the rover was located within Perseverance Valley on June 10, 2018, the last date it made contact with its engineering team.
    351 views stefania
  • phys.org | 2/15/2019 | Staff
    The Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission takes us over Australia's northeast state of Queensland, where a large amount of sediment is visible gushing into the Coral Sea, close to the Great Barrier Reef...
    747 views just-me
  • phys.org | 4/18/2019 | Staff
    From a distance of five million kilometres to within 20 metres, ESA's Rosetta spacecraft captured images of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from all angles. Between the first and the last images...
    446 views Mandyixus

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