• wdtprs.com | 2/15/2019 | View all posts by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf →
    I was at the market and spotted shiny little fish in the ice bank. Someone had ordered fresh sardines and didn’t need them all. They were fresh, unfrozen, and uncleaned. I got them on the spot.
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  • Mail Online | 2/7/2019 | Victoria Allen Science Correspondent For The Daily Mail
    Their poor memories mean fish are seen as the dunces of the animal kingdom. But fish may not be as stupid as they appear, as a study suggests they can recognise themselves in a mirror.
    662 views emilia
  • phys.org | 2/4/2019 | Staff
    After many decades of salmon farming, recent years have seen studies into fish welfare in connection with issues such as how fish are treated in their cages. In particular, the fish farming sector...
    341 views Coraav
  • phys.org | 2/4/2019 | Staff
    When we think of a river, dark, cool rushing water —full of energy and life —comes to mind. Yet, in the face of climate change we are frequently witnessing almost entirely dry river beds with barely...
    648 views applecup
  • www.oann.com | 9/2/2015 | Staff
    (Reuters) – Mardy Fish was named U.S. Davis Cup captain on Wednesday as the men’s team competition enters a new era. Fish, winner of six ATP singles titles and a silver medal at the 2004 Athens...
    478 views Goobee
  • Editorial | 1/5/2019 | Staff
    It isn't as uncommon as you might imagine for small fish to become trapped in drops of water.  This fish ends up escaping in the end, so it comes out well!
    777 views kring
  • www.southwesttimes.com | 12/17/2018 | Staff
    The Town of Pulaski began putting up their Christmas wreaths around town Monday in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Is it too early for Christmas?...
    223 views nally
  • phys.org | 12/7/2018 | Staff
    A research project carried out by The University of Western Australia on a BHP subsea oil and gas pipeline off the north-west coast of Australia has found the pipeline has two to three times more...
    418 views erinmmarion

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