• Screen | 11/25/2019 | Staff
    European exhibitor network Europa Cinemas has crowned three winners at the 2019 edition of its annual awards, held this year in Lisbon. The awards celebrate the best work in the network of European...
    439 views TwiztedGurl
  • phys.org | 3/2/1979 | Staff
    Forty years ago, a Voyager spacecraft snapped the first closeup images of Europa, one of Jupiter's 79 moons. These revealed brownish cracks slicing the moon's icy surface, which give Europa the look...
    210 views joyy
  • CNET | 8/20/2019 | Amanda Kooser
    Europa as seen by NASA's Galileo spacecraft. Europa is a beautiful icy beast of a moon. It's one of Jupiter's largest moons, and scientists suspect it's hiding an ocean under its frigid crust.
    346 views Kota79
  • CNET | 6/12/2019 | Jackson Ryan
    Europa's salty surface goes well with fries. Europa, the fourth-biggest moon orbiting gas giant Jupiter, hides a salty, liquid ocean underneath its icy shell and thus, may harbor the ingredients...
    270 views Aavy
  • phys.org | 3/5/2013 | Staff
    A familiar ingredient has been hiding in plain sight on the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa. Using a visible light spectral analysis, planetary scientists at Caltech and the Jet Propulsion...
    308 views ali11
  • earthsky.org | 3/19/2019 | Paul Scott Anderson
    Europa’s icy surface is covered by long thin cracks, making the moon look like a cracked egg. A new study suggests that an equatorial jet stream in Europa’s ocean creates stress in this Jovian...
    217 views Cayley1561
  • phys.org | 10/23/2018 | Staff
    The study of two potential plume sites on Jupiter's moon Europa has shown a lack of expected hotspot signatures, unlike Enceladus where plumes have a very clear and obvious temperature signature,...
    159 views marika

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