• CNET | 4/16/2019 | Lori Grunin
    FYI: Microsoft has put up its Xbox E3 2019 page, detailing the date and time and all the ways you'll be able to watch its livestream this year. It's slated for June 9 at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET.
    206 views Arceus
  • WIRED | 6/18/2018 | Julie Muncy
    E3 is widely considered a conference for big games, and understandably so; the largest publishers in the industry dominate the event, debuting trailers and news for the most expensive and expansive...
    450 views tiazanne
  • CNET | 6/15/2018 | CNET staff
    Game over: E3 is officially done, and we have no more extra lives. We're not going to recount the gaming week that was; every shred of detail from Fallout 76 to Super Mario Party can be found right...
    211 views rach-rach
  • CNET | 6/14/2018 | Dan Ackerman
    Gears of War 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Fallout: New Vegas, Halo Reach. Eight years ago, those were some of the examples of games I called out for contributing to a serious case of video game...
    651 views angelinewinsor
  • TechCrunch | 6/14/2018 | Brian Heater
    After taking a year off, I returned to E3 this week. It’s always a fun show, in spite of the fact that the show floor has come to rival Comic-Con in terms of the mass of people the show’s organizers...
    430 views Coraav
  • CNET | 6/14/2018 | David Carnoy
    E3 2018 is already in full swing, with boatloads of news from EA, Xbox, Bethesda, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo. Here's a look at...
    208 views bluelilly
  • CNET | 6/13/2018 | David Carnoy
    While E3 is mostly about new games and sometimes new hardware, it also brings with it a slew of "E3" deals. Microsoft is having what it calls "The Biggest Xbox Sale of the Year" and Sony has its...
    362 views entengo
  • CNET | 6/13/2018 | Josh Miller
    With the most popular gaming console in the world, you know Sony was going to go all out at E3 2018 and they did with a lot of exciting stuff to show off....
    295 views hi09
  • CNET | 6/12/2018 | Alfred Ng,
    Sony's press conference at E3. On this podcast, we talk about: Sony - Lineup - Games - E3 Sony's lineup of new games at E3. The US Senate's push to drop ZTE. Dogs Cybercrime-sniffing dogs.
    646 views rubydrummer
  • CNET | 6/11/2018 | Ty Pendlebury
    When a game is announced at E3 it's usually one of two things: it's several years from being released, or worse it's vaporware and never sees the light of day. But at E3 2018 there were a handful...
    410 views moni
  • TechCrunch | 6/11/2018 | Brian Heater
    Sony wanted its E3 2018 press conference to be an event. Not the “we have 50 new titles to show you” event Microsoft just put on, so much as the get up and walk around kind.
    461 views madalina09
  • CNET | 6/11/2018 | Morgan Little
    Death Stranding's newest trailer just dropped, and as expected, it's a doozy. You just have to watch it for yourself, words barely do it justice. Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima's long awaited debut...
    345 views Frost123
  • CNET | 6/11/2018 | David Carnoy
    E3 2018 is already in full swing, with boatloads of news from EA, Xbox, Bethesda and Square Enix so far -- and Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo still on deck. Here's...
    721 views nally
  • TechCrunch | 6/11/2018 | Lucas Matney
    Well, Square Enix just wrapped up a short and uneventful E3 press conference that really seemed to phone it in. No Final Fantasy VII remake details and nothing on The Avengers or Guardians of the...
    282 views Kota79
  • TechCrunch | 11/14/2018 | Brian Heater
    For the past few days, Bethesda has been dominating a few big downtown L.A. buildings with massive Fallout posters. It’s clear the company is barnstorming E3 this year, and Fallout 76 has...
    997 views jster97

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