• | 10/17/2017 | Staff
    I was humbled by the overwhelming spiritual and physical support I received today I could quite literally feel hundreds of people’s prayers blessing me today. That makes...
    144 views Kota79
  • Rick Thomas | 10/16/2017 | Rick Thomas
    Teen traps are everywhere. And there are many of them. Here is my short list of a few of the most common pitfalls that I have seen in teenagers. Our podcasts are on iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud,...
    314 views shellshockked
  • National Day Calendar | 10/15/2017 | Staff
    Whether you want to celebrate your favorite mail carrier and flip flops, share your joy for bacon and chocolate cake or enjoy our office favorite Colorado Jack Popcorn on National Popcorn Day, stay...
    310 views marika
  • Townhall | 10/15/2017 | Staff
    It was already a bad year for Hollywood – people simply aren’t buying tickets to their remakes and rehashed ideas anymore – and it just keeps getting worse. The curtain is being pulled back and...
    458 views ziggy1023
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