• livescience.com | 10/16/2019 | Subhash Kak - Oklahoma State University
    Many advanced artificial intelligence projects say they are working toward building a conscious machine, based on the idea that brain functions merely encode and process multisensory information.
    316 views shellshockked
  • phys.org | 7/30/2019 | Staff
    Physicists at Uppsala University in Sweden have identified how to distinguish between true and 'fake' Majorana states in one of the most commonly used experimental setups, by means of supercurrent...
    129 views Aavy
  • Wired | 9/10/2019 | Staff
    At TED, in early 2018, the futurist and inventor Ray Kurzweil, currently a director of engineering at Google, announced his latest project, “Google Talk to Books,” which claimed to use natural...
    450 views aka1
  • phys.org | 8/19/2019 | Staff
    Together with the University of Innsbruck, the ETH Zurich and Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles SRL, Infineon Austria is researching specific questions on the commercial use of quantum computers.
    207 views aniki
  • phys.org | 2/25/2019 | Staff
    Computers based on quantum mechanical principles can solve certain tasks particularly efficiently. Their information carriers, the so-called qubits, not only have the values "0" and "1," but also...
    411 views Traight
  • MakeUseOf | 6/13/2019 | Khamosh Pathak
    A modern business needs to be flexible, offering employees options for mobile working. However, in many cases, a desktop PC is still the best option. They often come with more powerful processors...
    333 views spiderMonkey

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