• CNET | 3/16/2019 | CNET News staff
    It was a serious week in tech. Facebook, which suffered its longest outage in history, lost two more executives and is reportedly facing a criminal probe over data-sharing deals.
    842 views cyanbyte
  • CNET | 3/9/2019 | CNET News staff
    Been busy this week trying to figure out how Facebook's new privacy-focused plans will change your social media habits? Or maybe you've been following the Apple-Qualcomm trial, or deciding whether...
    1K views eymira
  • CNET | 3/6/2019 | Tania González
    Have you been waiting for Captain Marvel since before you saw the end of Avengers: Infinity War? Release week is finally upon us and I will be definitely seeing it this weekend -- especially after...
    114 views samtetley
  • CNET | 3/1/2019 | Nicolas Towner
    Smartphone design just got taken to another level. Nubia, an associate company to Chinese telecommunications company ZTE, just unveiled the world's first wearable smart phone at MWC 2019.
    411 views Fubu_chik
  • CNET | 2/23/2019 | CNET News staff
    Samsung paraded out an array of shiny new phones this week -- none as genre-altering as the Galaxy Fold, which opens up like a book to reveal a second, larger display.
    1.1K views bluelilly
  • CNET | 2/16/2019 | CNET News staff
    Amazon once again dominated the week's news with a bombshell announcement Thursday that it's backing out of plans for a New York City-based HQ2. T-Mobile and Sprint got a grilling on Capitol Hill...
    886 views patriotXXforever
  • CNET | 2/9/2019 | CNET News staff
    So, Google managed to rake it in last quarter despite recent data and privacy scandals. And Apple released a phone update to fix the Group FaceTime eavesdropping bug.
    403 views Pumpkinajn
  • CNET | 2/8/2019 | Nicolas Towner
    I was taught as a child not to open the door to just anyone and I still think that's a good rule. And now there's a device that makes it easier than ever to keep strangers out.
    278 views EGFZE
  • CNET | 2/2/2019 | CNET News staff
    OK. We get it. The Super Bowl is the only thing you care about. But there's still two days before the big game, and a lot happened last week. Apple revoked and restored some important credentials...
    383 views Lord
  • CNET | 2/1/2019 | Nicolas Towner
    Think of all the sites and all the apps you've signed up for -- that's a lot of passwords. Some people choose to write theirs down in case they forget, or they use the "remember me" function when...
    526 views jolan
  • CNET | 1/26/2019 | CNET News staff
    That short week went by fast. Verizon's budget wireless service may finance your next iPhone. Facebook's Moments is biting the dust. And Jeff Bridges tweeted that some Big Lebowski news might drop...
    1.1K views leeann77
  • CNET | 1/25/2019 | Manuel Flores
    The stadium is ready for Super Bowl 2019, is your living room? Whether you're rooting for the Rams or the Patriots, we won't judge, we're just curious to see how you all are watching the game.
    374 views max1
  • CNET | 1/19/2019 | CNET News staff
    So much for easing into the new year. This week we learned of a massive public data breach that leaked 773 million emails and 21 million passwords. Meanwhile, Qualcomm and the government have been...
    925 views Pink_sakuragirl
  • CNET | 1/12/2019 | CNET News staff
    Welcome to the CES edition of the CNET weekly roundup! The annual consumer-electronics extravaganza was in high gear this week as tech companies from around the world descended on Las Vegas.
    731 views Celtics2212
  • CNET | 1/11/2019 | Lee Koo
    I've been watching and reading the coverage for the past week, and one of my personal favorites of the show was LG's insane rollable OLED TV. One word: WOW! The technology that I'm excited that will...
    303 views doona07
  • CNET | 1/9/2019 | James Martin
    CNET News Editor-in-Chief Connie Guglielmo speaks with Steven Sasson, inventor of the first self-contained digital camera while at Eastman Kodak in 1975. With inventors, creators, CEO's and...
    352 views Les7799
  • CNET | 1/5/2019 | CNET News staff
    Happy New Year! If the beginning of the year is any indication, 2019 is going to be plenty busy. Apple warned it would miss its own sales forecast because of a slowdown in iPhone sales.
    456 views gabriella250
  • CNET | 12/29/2018 | CNET News staff
    The end of the year is near, even if the news cycle doesn't seem to have noticed. GoFundMe returned more than $400,000 after learning one of the site's campaigns was a scam.
    475 views megzmegz123
  • CNET | 12/20/2018 | CNET staff
    OK, let's be honest: A lot of people won't have fond memories of 2018. Even from a technology perspective, this year was dominated by privacy scandals and security breaches, to name just two of the...
    337 views elio25
  • CNET | 12/15/2018 | CNET News staff
    Whew. Another week. And what a week it was. Intel promised breakthrough performance with a new chip-stacking process. Apple splashed out $1 billion for a new campus in Texas.
    1.4K views Les7799
  • CNET | 12/10/2018 | Dan Ackerman,
    For many readers, ourselves included, books are most often consumed via Kindle or another e-book platform. Sure, there's something lost in the transition from paper to screen, but the convenience...
    338 views just-me
  • CNET | 12/8/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another week has blown straight by. Microsoft and Brave said they'd move closer to Google's Chrome browser software. Sen. Mark Warner called for a US cyber doctrine.
    707 views dorkyrocker
  • CNET | 12/1/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another week has flown by. And was it ever action-packed. The US charged a pair of Iranians it says wreaked havoc with ransomware attacks. Apple told us that the XR has been its best-selling iPhone...
    381 views Night987
  • CNET | 11/24/2018 | CNET News staff
    Oh my. A holiday-shortened week (at least in the US) didn't slow the news cycle. Civil rights groups called for the firing of a senior Facebook executive. NASA began reviewing policies at Elon...
    479 views Alenaaa
  • CNET | 11/17/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another big week. So much happened. Stan Lee, the maestro of Marvel Comics, died at 95; Facebook battled more accusations about its management; and Amazon finally unveiled its HQ2...
    1.4K views xhelloworld
  • CNET | 11/3/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another week is over. And what a week it was. Apple unveiled new iPads and MacBook Airs at an event in New York. Apple also said it isn't going to report how many devices it sells anymore.
    1.2K views hubbog
  • CNET | 10/6/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another week has come and gone. So much happened. Amazon and Apple denied their hardware was infiltrated by Chinese spy chips. Democrats are pushing for an "Internet Bill of Rights.
    919 views cobra662
  • CNET | 10/4/2018 | Manuel Flores
    Venom is here and he's hungry for trouble. Marvel fans have eagerly awaited Venom's return to the big screen ever since his appearance in Spider-Man 3. Now we're getting what we asked for with his...
    141 views marika
  • CNET | 9/29/2018 | CNET News staff
    The week is over and so much happened. The SEC sued Elon Musk over tweets he made about taking Tesla private. Facebook's Oculus unveiled a new headset. And a new report found that more than half of...
    273 views shellshockked

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