• CNET | 12/10/2018 | Dan Ackerman,
    For many readers, ourselves included, books are most often consumed via Kindle or another e-book platform. Sure, there's something lost in the transition from paper to screen, but the convenience...
    338 views just-me
  • CNET | 12/8/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another week has blown straight by. Microsoft and Brave said they'd move closer to Google's Chrome browser software. Sen. Mark Warner called for a US cyber doctrine.
    707 views dorkyrocker
  • CNET | 12/1/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another week has flown by. And was it ever action-packed. The US charged a pair of Iranians it says wreaked havoc with ransomware attacks. Apple told us that the XR has been its best-selling iPhone...
    381 views Night987
  • CNET | 11/24/2018 | CNET News staff
    Oh my. A holiday-shortened week (at least in the US) didn't slow the news cycle. Civil rights groups called for the firing of a senior Facebook executive. NASA began reviewing policies at Elon...
    479 views Alenaaa
  • CNET | 11/17/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another big week. So much happened. Stan Lee, the maestro of Marvel Comics, died at 95; Facebook battled more accusations about its management; and Amazon finally unveiled its HQ2...
    1.4K views xhelloworld
  • CNET | 11/3/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another week is over. And what a week it was. Apple unveiled new iPads and MacBook Airs at an event in New York. Apple also said it isn't going to report how many devices it sells anymore.
    1.2K views hubbog
  • CNET | 10/6/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another week has come and gone. So much happened. Amazon and Apple denied their hardware was infiltrated by Chinese spy chips. Democrats are pushing for an "Internet Bill of Rights.
    919 views cobra662
  • CNET | 10/4/2018 | Manuel Flores
    Venom is here and he's hungry for trouble. Marvel fans have eagerly awaited Venom's return to the big screen ever since his appearance in Spider-Man 3. Now we're getting what we asked for with his...
    141 views marika
  • CNET | 9/29/2018 | CNET News staff
    The week is over and so much happened. The SEC sued Elon Musk over tweets he made about taking Tesla private. Facebook's Oculus unveiled a new headset. And a new report found that more than half of...
    273 views shellshockked
  • CNET | 9/22/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another week has come and gone. Boy, was it action-packed. Facebook is cuddling up with a dating service. Google tells a group of senators someone tried to hack their accounts.
    1K views Mkgirlz
  • CNET | 9/15/2018 | CNET News staff
    Whew. What a week. Google employees are reportedly resigning over the search giant's efforts to get back into the China market. The FBI evacuated the remote Sunspot solar observatory in southern New...
    618 views jesse456
  • CNET | 8/25/2018 | CNET News staff
    The summer is supposed to be slow. Oh, well, so much for that. A new study found that Google's Android OS is sharing more data than we thought. The man who tried to scam Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg...
    836 views amyc9948
  • CNET | 8/25/2018 | Andrew Hoyle
    Deck the Hoyles! Roses are red, violets are blue, Elon Musk likes poetry and so do Katie Collins and Richard Trenholm. We take a look at the Tesla founder's latest cryptic tweets in this brand new...
    1K views Les7799
  • CNET | 8/11/2018 | CNET News staff
    It's been another week of summer heat, which in the tech world resulted in companies like Facebook, Apple and eventually Twitter removing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and Infowars from their...
    1.3K views k.collazi
  • CNET | 8/4/2018 | CNET News staff
    This was a huge week. Apple became a trillion-dollar company. The White House acknowledged Russia is already interfering in the midterm elections. Facebook's head of security said he was leaving to...
    414 views princia
  • CNET | 7/28/2018 | CNET News staff
    Another seven up, another seven down. Facebook shares lost more value than any other stock ever. Twitter's user count dropped. Fortnite celebrated its birthday. And there was plenty more.
    713 views moemajor
  • CNET | 7/14/2018 | CNET News staff
    Welcome to the Bastille Day issue of our weekly recap. Sacré bleu. Do we have news for you. The US charged 12 Russians for hacking the DNC. ZTE is back in business.
    767 views iceyy
  • CNET | 7/12/2018 | Nicolas Towner
    Some of you can't wait for the news to be released about when this now-famous event would happen this year. Some of you couldn't care less. Whether you stand on either side of this spectrum or...
    163 views AnnieFoxx
  • CNET | 7/7/2018 | CNET News staff
    A day off (at least for readers in the US) didn't slow the news this week. Nefltlix is testing a new "Ultra" tier. Elon Musk sends help to a trapped Thai soccer team.
    829 views applekip
  • CNET | 6/23/2018 | CNET News staff
    Well, that was an action-packed week. The Supreme Court ruled on phones and privacy. The top court also weighed in on online taxation. Brian Krzanich resigned as Intel's boss after a "consensual...
    896 views aka1
  • CNET | 6/21/2018 | Alex Weingart
    We get it, sometimes you just want to watch CNET test Elon Musk's flamethrowers without firing up your computer. Now you can, because we've launched CNET on Apple TV! Just as with our mobile app,...
    380 views fufu-fefe
  • CNET | 6/17/2018 | Andrew Gebhart
    We got our hands dirty the past couple of weeks. We built a smart garden bed and a smart irrigation system in the Spring, but we couldn't plant much outside yet, it was too...
    448 views bethtetley
  • CNET | 6/16/2018 | CNET News staff
    Big week. Lots happened. E3 opened. Net neutrality was repealed. A major merger got approved. And more. Here's your chance to catch up. This is how the antisocial socialize.
    336 views Kaliela101

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