• CNET | 6/21/2018 | Alex Weingart
    We get it, sometimes you just want to watch CNET test Elon Musk's flamethrowers without firing up your computer. Now you can, because we've launched CNET on Apple TV! Just as with our mobile app,...
    380 views fufu-fefe
  • CNET | 6/17/2018 | Andrew Gebhart
    We got our hands dirty the past couple of weeks. We built a smart garden bed and a smart irrigation system in the Spring, but we couldn't plant much outside yet, it was too...
    448 views bethtetley
  • CNET | 6/16/2018 | CNET News staff
    Big week. Lots happened. E3 opened. Net neutrality was repealed. A major merger got approved. And more. Here's your chance to catch up. This is how the antisocial socialize.
    336 views Kaliela101
  • CNET | 6/11/2018 | Danielle Ramirez
    Do water ripples in your glass give you T. rex-sized goosebumps? You're not alone -- consider it a Jurassic Park side effect. The Steven Spielberg movie that started the dino revolution premiered at...
    676 views kimberly163
  • CNET | 6/9/2018 | CNET News staff
    That was fast. Five days up, five days down. Apple's WWDC. Computex. A new Amazon device. If you missed any of it, here's your chance to catch up. Samsung got there first, but Apple nailed it.
    550 views hey13
  • CNET | 6/8/2018 | Nicolas Towner
    Hello all! I'm Nicolas Towner and I'm the new summer intern here at CNET. School's out for the summer, the stress of finals has come and gone, and while others are looking forward to warm summer...
    603 views nally
  • CNET | 5/1/2018 | Manuel Flores
    Have you seen Avengers: Infinity War yet? If not, make sure to get caught up beforehand with our handy Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. 3:40 Love - Superpowers - Personalities - Character -...
    489 views celticprincess1105
  • CNET | 4/6/2018 | Manuel Flores
    On the rare chance you haven't heard of the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, you've come to a great spot for a Spark Notes version. You can also get a more in-depth breakdown here.
    580 views cyanbyte
  • CNET | 3/29/2018 | Manuel Flores
    Apple says its new iPad can do anything a traditional laptop can. In addition to new support for the Pencil stylus, the iPad's biggest improvement is speed. Apple's A10 Fusion chip gives it better...
    272 views baileyboo
  • CNET | 3/2/2018 | Andrew Hoyle
    Deck the Hoyles! Samsung has taken the wraps off its latest pair of superphones, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. Andy is joined in his studio (by which we mean his hotel room) by Katie Collins and...
    179 views gbabii05
  • CNET | 1/4/2018 | Manuel Flores
    After the company behind Geekbench released a report revealing that Apple appeared to be deliberately slowing its older phones, Apple claimed that it was doing so in order to preserve battery life...
    232 views rubydrummer
  • CNET | 6/14/2017 | Luke Lancaster
    With news earlier this week that one of Australia's biggest commercial free-to-air broadcasters has entered voluntary administration, the Girt team uses it as an excuse to talk about the state of...
    225 views chicana948
  • CNET | 6/8/2017 | Manuel Flores
    The Amazon Echo and Google Home have been duking it out to become the leading smart speaker on the market. Earlier this week at the WWDC, Apple debuted its HomePod, the latest addition to the smart...
    274 views marked
  • CNET | 1/13/2017 | Lee Koo
    The new Nintendo Switch console is coming to store near you March 3, 2017, for the measly cost of $300, £280 or AU$470 (OK, IMO, it's not cheap.) And our staff have been busily familiarizing...
    370 views Kezzerxx
  • CNET | 1/26/2017 | Tania González
    CES 2017 is over, but the prizes are not. On top of seeing a three-screen gaming laptop and a TV that's only 2.57 mm thick, the CNET team walked around the Las Vegas Convention Center to find great...
    203 views acegabriellaace

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