• The Aquila Report | 7/16/2019 | Staff
    Names tells us who we are. They tell us our cultural boundaries at macro and micro levels. As humans (or “man”) our name is “image of God.” That name sets the boundaries of our relationship to God,...
    700 views princia
  • Townhall | 7/10/2019 | Staff
    In a San Francisco high school named after the father of our country, George Washington, a large mural of him that has been around for decades is now being painted over because some were offended by...
    150 views gracey_single
  • Cranach | 6/6/2019 | Staff
    Les Murray, one of Australia’s greatest writers, died a few weeks ago. He described himself as “a subhuman redneck who writes poems.” Others have called him “the patron saint of misfits” and...
    236 views princia
  • ChurchLeaders | 6/2/2019 | Staff
    The following is an expansion of a lecture delivered to Midwestern Seminary students on the recent New England Study Tour at the Old South Church, Newburyport, Massachusetts, which stands today, in...
    772 views red815
  • The Aquila Report | 6/3/2019 | Staff
    Neither Jesus nor Paul had a problem with the law. Paul wrote that his gospel of grace upholds and establishes the law (Rom. 3:31)—even God’s laws in their negative form, since the “grace of God . . .
    363 views cyanbyte
  • The Aquila Report | 5/26/2019 | Staff
    I love to hear my pastor ask us what we believe. So often in my own teaching, I have found many Christians have a hard time articulating their faith well. The Apostles’ Creed helps us.
    780 views j.moomin
  • ChurchLeaders | 4/30/2019 | Staff
    By now, it’s a Christian cliché: the mountaintop experience. For Christians, it seems that anything from a relaxing woods retreat to a Mountain-Dew-induced sugar-high at a youth conference can gain...
    535 views Kota79
  • www.christianpost.com | 4/21/2019 | Staff
    I have no problem saying—in fact, I think is it good and healthy to say—that I have, and have always had, some intellectual barriers to the Christian faith. Not all the time, but enough of the time.
    1.3K views boti
  • The Aquila Report | 4/18/2019 | Staff
    The next thing to note is that our trust should be constant: in all your ways acknowledge him. Take one step at a time, and make sure that each step is under God’s direction.
    409 views Coraav
  • Desiring God | 4/13/2019 | Staff
    Our hope for Look at the Book is to help you learn to read the Bible for yourself. We invite you to consider the featured study questions below before watching the lab.
    601 views Kaliela101
  • The Aquila Report | 4/2/2019 | Staff
    In 1 Cor. 12:27, Paul declares to the faithful in Corinth, “Now you are Christ’s body, and individually members of it.” Paul’s words are just as applicable to every believer today as they were when...
    545 views jolan
  • Christian Crier | 3/27/2019 | Staff
    There is strength in being filled with joy, and to help you be filled with joy, here is a study on helping you find the joy again. For some reason, some of the saddest people on the planet may be...
    229 views adele2234
  • Community in Mission | 3/17/2019 | Staff
    As a kind of follow-up to yesterday’s Gospel of the Transfiguration, we do well to reflect a little further on the Lord’s intention in leading Peter, James, and John up a high mountain.
    135 views leeann77

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