• phys.org | 5/31/2019 | Staff
    When viruses enter the body, such as during an influenza or a gastrointestinal infection, the processes within the infected cells change: In the worst case, the virus takes the helm and reprograms...
    447 views ashb0101
  • phys.org | 2/22/2017 | Staff
    The idea of genetically modifying a patient's own immune cells and deploying them against infections and tumors has been around since the 1980s. But to this day modified T cells are still not as...
    578 views monna
  • ScienceDaily | 7/10/2019 | Staff
    Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, generating energy in the form of chemical compounds such as ATP. To do this job effectively, mitochondria have a characteristic organisation: In...
    624 views hey13
  • ScienceDaily | 7/3/2019 | Staff
    Fuel cells may well replace batteries as the power source for electric cars. They consume hydrogen, a gas which could be produced for example using surplus electricity from wind power plants.
    601 views hakimi308

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