• Zero Hedge | 10/5/2018 | Staff
    Earlier this week, the euphoria over US junk bonds hit new post-crisis highs when amid a sharp slowdown in supply, a rise in the oil price and generally solid economic conditions, insatiable buyers...
    634 views roxy2707
  • ChurchLeaders | 7/1/2018 | Staff
    I’m convinced that many Christians don’t do much evangelism because they don’t really know many nonbelievers in the first place. They live inside the Christian bubble and wait for lost persons to...
    227 views Nighty
  • phys.org | 6/11/2018 | Staff
    This turbulent celestial palette of purple and yellow shows a bubble of gas named NGC 3199, blown by a star known as WR18 (Wolf-Rayet 18). Wolf-Rayet stars are massive, powerful, and energetic stars...
    419 views morica
  • The Daily Caller | 4/23/2018 | Staff
    The states and cities of America are creating a classic market bubble by the way they chase economic development. The cure is better transparency, which can be achieved through performance audits.
    326 views gracey_single
  • Zero Hedge | 2/28/2018 | Staff
    First of all, sorry for the lack of posts lately. Long story, but rest assured, I am back on track and the old ‘tourist regular postings have resumed. Next up, today I will write about Canadian real...
    239 views lukea

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