• Mail Online | 1/1/2021 | Sophie Law For Mailonline
    Boris Johnson has unveiled the long-awaited blue passport which will finally roll out next month after a 30-year hiatus. The Prime Minister was pictured holding the new travel document on a flight...
    1 view boti
  • TechCrunch | 2/19/2020 | Staff
    Blue Apron considers “strategic alternatives,” Facebook experiments with different News Feed formats and Twitter buys a startup focused on the Stories format. Here’s your Daily Crunch for February...
    333 views DebraS
  • earthsky.org | 2/14/2020 | Deborah Byrd
    View larger. | In this image from Voyager 1 – acquired on February 14, 1990, from a distance slightly past the orbit of Saturn – Planet Earth is visible as a bright speck within the sunbeam, just...
    580 views elio25
  • Universe Today | 2/14/1990 | Staff
    Thirty years have now passed since the Voyager 1 spacecraft snapped one of the most iconic and memorable pictures in spaceflight history. Known as the “Pale Blue Dot,” the heart-rending view shows...
    272 views Omnista
  • phys.org | 10/16/2017 | Staff
    A new reaction system can detect X-rays at the highest sensitivity ever recorded by using organic molecules. The system, developed by researchers at Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST),...
    317 views nally
  • ScienceDaily | 1/15/2020 | Staff
    For the last 200 years, cobalt blue (CoAl2O4) has been a dominant commercial blue pigment because of its color intensity, ease of synthesis and versatility. However, 33% of the colorant by mass is...
    592 views sally140353
  • Godspacelight | 1/3/2020 | Staff
    Are you waiting in the blue? Is blue the colour of your heart. Light Or blue the light that falls upon your path. Weight Is blue the weight that sits upon your frame.
    630 views hoppers911
  • Power Line | 12/27/2019 | Staff
    NR’s Kyle Smith includes The Cold Blue somewhere near the top of his list of 2019’s ten best documentaries. Smith writes: Back when leading Hollywood personalities felt it was their patriotic duty...
    426 views loranseen
  • Godspacelight | 12/20/2019 | Staff
    Close on 20 years ago, I came across the Blue Christmas concept in a Methodist Women’s magazine that was being published in South Africa. The idea resonated deeply as we had suffered a number of...
    1.2K views MysticHeart
  • Godspacelight | 12/19/2019 | Staff
    I was unable to have children of my own, so holding my nephews, niece and friends’ children over the years has been such a precious bittersweet joy. As time has gone on my grief for myself has...
    894 views dewby
  • MSN | 11/10/2019 | Sabrina Tavernise, Robert Gebeloff and Lauren Leatherby
    SOUTH RIDING, Va. — Not long ago, this rolling green stretch of Northern Virginia was farmland. Most people who could vote had grown up here. And when they did, they usually chose Republicans.
    1.4K views dewby
  • Washington Free Beacon | 11/8/2019 | Matthew Continetti
    So this is what it feels like to live in a lab experiment. As a native Virginian, I've watched my state come full circle. The last time Democrats enjoyed the amount of power in the Old Dominion that...
    658 views Lord

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