• CNET | 6/4/2019 | Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
    Come back, Stark. Fans take Marvel movies awfully personally, especially when Tony Stark bit the dust in Avengers: Endgame (hey, even the Russo brothers said the spoiler ban's been lifted now).
    211 views darktm22
  • CNET | 5/30/2019 | Corinne Reichert
    Revelations are coming. Marvel's Avengers video game will be detailed at E3 next week, but background has leaked already. Ahead - E3 - Showcase - Description - Avengers Ahead of the E3 showcase, a...
    154 views entengo
  • WIRED | 5/24/2019 | Rhett Allain
    I think it's safe to talk about some Avengers physics now. I was inspired by an epic picture released by Marvel Studios, which you can see in the tweet below. (If Marvel puts it "out there," I don't...
    410 views echolea
  • WIRED | 5/20/2019 | Angela Watercutter
    Happy Post-Game of Thrones-Finale Day and welcome to another installment of The Monitor, WIRED's roundup of the latest in pop culture news. What's happening right now? First of all, the Avengers...
    178 views applecup
  • CNET | 5/14/2019 | Jennifer Bisset
    Spoiler alert: Thanos disintegrates in Avengers: Endgame at the gauntlet-wearing hand of Tony Stark. The artists from Weta Digital who crafted the scene told us how they tackled pivotal moments in...
    147 views maddyb7
  • ChurchMag | 5/11/2019 | Jeremy Smith
    I want to say up front, this is a spoiler-free review of Avengers: Endgame. There are too many YouTube channels with spoiler-filled thumbnails and other people on social media just ruining the movie.
    545 views n.king

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