• The Aquila Report | 12/17/2019 | Staff
    The composite nature of PSA explains why few Christians before the reformation defined PSA exactly as the Reformed did, while most pre-reformation Christians affirmed the first principles that would...
    717 views stefania
  • The Aquila Report | 7/15/2019 | Staff
    The Jews were very familiar with the sacrificial system in which a lamb was offered as a blood sacrifice. His reference of the Lord Jesus as God’s Lamb was speaking of His being sacrificed on the...
    276 views xxlauzyxx
  • Juicy Ecumenism | 4/19/2019 | Faith McDonnell
    I just found out about a “GoFundMe” campaign to commission a portrait of Dr. Delores Williams who taught at Union Theological Seminary in New York. The student body and Black Women’s Caucus at Union...
    498 views gemini2323
  • Leithart | 4/24/2018 | Staff
    In Hebrews, atonement isn’t achieved on the cross. Instead, the cross initiates a trajectory that ends with Jesus’ ascent as priest into heaven. So argues David Moffitt in Atonement and the Logic of...
    253 views sheenabeanna
  • The Aquila Report | 4/8/2018 | Staff
    All this to say, what John 3:16 tells us is that God sent his one and only Son in order that (i.e., with the intent that) every believer in him (i.e., every Christian believer) would not perish but...
    957 views Kaliela101
  • Think Christian | 12/13/2017 | Staff
    We all desire justice. Does The Punisher's brutal Frank Castle provide it? We all desire justice. In a broken world full of sin and death, we yearn for justice to be enacted and we mourn when...
    733 views Fubu_chik
  • Jesus Creed | 11/17/2017 | Staff
    What you think about God and the gospel are found in what you think of atonement. Ever wish you could understand the atonement better? Atonement - Congregation Ever wish you could teach the...
    443 views maddixxsammm25
  • Jesus Creed | 9/27/2017 | Staff
    What happened at the cross and after it the resurrection? Metaphors are applied time and time again. At first they blow fresh air on atonement theology and then they wear out.
    204 views kring

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