• phys.org | 7/20/2017 | Staff
    Australia's first plant foods—eaten by early populations 65,000 years ago—have been discovered in Arnhem Land. Preserved as pieces of charcoal, the morsels were recovered from the debris of ancient...
    1.1K views blacky
  • phys.org | 9/12/2019 | Staff
    The aetosaurs were heavily armored reptiles that lived in many parts of the world in the Triassic period, some 225 million years ago. For the first time, a student at the University of Bristol has...
    363 views PinkPuffFairy
  • phys.org | 11/13/2019 | Staff
    A team of researchers with Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Universidade Federal do Acre and the Paleontological Institute and Museum has discovered the ancient remains of a giant, extinct,...
    176 views Micaella
  • www.archaeology.org | 2/11/2020 | Staff
    (© The Trustees of the British Museum) Cuneiform Letter from the astrologer Marduk-šapik-zeri to the Neo-Assyrian king EsarhaddonIn some respects, the life of a Mesopotamian scholar in the seventh...
    771 views bethtetley
  • phys.org | 10/26/2017 | Staff
    Mud wasp nests have helped establish a date for one of the ancient styles of Aboriginal rock art in the Kimberley. University of Melbourne and ANSTO scientists put the Gwion Gwion art period around...
    1.4K views emilia

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