• www.oann.com | 2/22/2019 | Staff
    Lowering the draft-eligible age requirement in the NBA from 19 to 18 is one step closer to reality after the league submitted a proposal to the National Basketball Players Association, USA Today...
    127 views Aavy
  • Mail Online | 2/19/2019 | Joe Pinkstone For Mailonline
    Europe was a desolate region for Stone Age humanity if a new study is to be believed - as its researchers claim only 1,500 humans lived on the continent. While it is known humans arrived in the...
    328 views TwiztedGurl
  • TVOvermind | 1/17/2016 | Tiffany Raiford
    Days of Our Lives fans notice a lot happening on the show on a regular basis. Couples make up, they break up, they cheat on one another, everyone is working on stabbing everyone else in the back,...
    935 views Fubu_chik
  • TVOvermind | 3/14/2011 | Tiffany Raiford
    General Hospital fans have been watching people make a mess in Port Charles for many years, and that’s what they do best. It’s what makes the show interesting, the people our favorite, and the drama...
    432 views princessmary1234
  • TVOvermind | 1/11/2016 | Tiffany Raiford
    The thing about the Bold and the Beautiful is that the people on this show really are beautiful. They are a great looking cast of people, which is a big part of the show and what they have to offer...
    848 views marisha
  • TVOvermind | 1/7/2016 | Tiffany Raiford
    When you live in Genoa City like the cast of the Young and the Restless, you get to drink from the fountain of youth every morning before you start work. Well, you might not actually get to do this,...
    1.4K views TitanSwimr
  • ScienceDaily | 2/14/2019 | Staff
    "Age is one of the most reliable risk factors for death: the older you are, the greater your risk of dying," said study author Dr Serge Harb, cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States.
    311 views superdudea
  • steemit.com | 2/9/2019 | Staff
    Then again, there is the case of Alexandra Ocasio-cortez who wants to ban the internal combustion engine... Alex Oop Oop, Oop, Oop Oop... Alex - Oop - Oop - Oop - Oop Alex Oop Oop, Oop, Oop...
    803 views Claw987
  • Mail Online | 2/8/2019 | Martin Robinson, Chief Reporter For Mailonline
    Actor Albert Finney has died at the age of 82, a family spokesman revealed today. The star, who has played Ebenezer Scrooge, Sir Winston Churchill and Annie's 'Daddy' Warbucks in his long and varied...
    635 views iloveangie02
  • www.churchmilitant.com | 2/7/2019 | Staff
    You are not signed in as a Premium user; we rely on Premium users to support our news reporting. Sign in or Sign up today! Pope Francis is making his flirtations with religious relativism more and...
    176 views nally
  • www.hivplusmag.com | 2/5/2019 | Staff
    A new study helps explain why people with HIV age faster than their HIV-negative counterparts, despite similar lifestyles. Additionally, the findings might offer poz people the ability to calculate...
    338 views angelinewinsor
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