Facing budget crunch, ISIS trims perks, salaries

www.abqjournal.com | 2/21/2016 | Staff
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Militants of the Islamic State group hold up their weapons and wave its flags on their vehicles in a convoy in Raqqa, Syria, in the summer of 2014. (Militant photo via the Associated Press)
BEIRUT – Faced with a cash shortage in its so-called caliphate, the Islamic State group has slashed salaries across the region, asked Raqqa residents to pay utility bills in black market American dollars, and is now releasing detainees for a price of $500 a person.

The extremists who once bragged about minting their own currency are having a hard time meeting expenses, thanks to coalition airstrikes and other measures that have eroded millions from their finances since last fall. Having built up loyalty among militants with good salaries and honeymoon and baby bonuses, the group has stopped providing even the smaller perks: free energy drinks and Snickers bars.

Necessities are dwindling in its urban centers, leading to shortages and
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If the Government could just stop...


  • Money talks, even to militant moslems.
    I find it extremely funny when people keep voting and expecting the government to change!
  • I suppose that doesn't mean they get a pig in every pot.
    Do you exist for Something or Nothing?
  • Maybe they have had some of our wonderful Republican political consultants in charge of their finances.
    A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a Government intervention.
  • The Trump Doctrine. Cut off their trade routes and oil supply and they go broke. Too bad the US couldn't figure this out for 4 years. Either our government is really stupid or they didn't want to stop ISIS. Wonder which.
    Why do democrats never have to face the reality of what's on the ground, like 2000 years of marriage.
  • The Russians are doing the work America won't do.
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