Germany Fears Islamists Among Wave of Chechen Migrants

Breitbart | 7/15/2016 | Staff
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Migrants from the Russian region of Chechnya have increased dramatically in June and German security services worry that Islamists may be among them.

The number of Chechen asylum seekers entering Germany is on the rise and according to officials in Hamburg their city has seen a particular spike in new arrivals. Over the month of June the increase has been substantial as many Chechens economic migrants move away from the Russian economy which continues to face hardship due to a failing currency and economic sanctions.

Security - Services - Wave - Migrants - Islamic

German security services worry that the wave of migrants from the heavily Islamic region bring with them sympathisers and fighters tied to radical Islamic groups, reports Die Welt.

Last year in Hamburg 377 Russian nationals registered in the city as asylum seekers. Already in the first six months of this year 280 Russians, mainly Chechens, have sought asylum in the city. The number of Chechens seeking asylum, 83 total, are only second to Afghani nationals and are well above the number of Syrians who numbered only 43 in June.

Federal - Office - Migration - Refugees - BAMF

According to the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) around 82 per cent of all the Russian nationals are from the Chechen region. A spokeswoman for the agency revealed that BAMF were unsure as to why there was a sudden...
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