The rise of psychedelic drugs in medicine: How the drug that may have killed Matthew Mellon is increasingly popular to treat depression, withdrawal and more

Mail Online | 4/18/2018 | Natalie Rahhal For
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Psychedelic drugs like ayahuasca and ibogaine are gaining notoriety in mainstream medical circles as promising new treatments for conditions like depression and addiction.

But both drugs are powerful, unregulated and may be implicated in the death of billionaire Matthew Mellon who struggled with addiction.

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A friend of Mellon’s family told Daily Mail Online that the banking heir suffered a heart attack and died shortly after a psychedelic ceremony in Mexico where he was supposedly checking into a rehab.

More and more research, not to mention scores of personal anecdotes, extol the drug’s ability to treat even some of the toughest cases of addiction and depression as its advocates continue to push ayahuasca toward mainstream medicine.

Connection - Psychedelics - Profile - Death - Mellon

But the connection between psychedelics and a high profile death like Mellon's could call into question the acceptance being gained by drugs that some see as a last hope for the desperately depressed or addicted.

Depression, anxiety and addiction are all weighing on the lives of more Americans than ever before in history.

Conditions - Government - Funds - Campaigns - Research

These conditions perhaps once went unaddressed because they were stigmatized, but now the federal government funds awareness campaigns and medical research to combat blights like mental illness and addiction.

In the US there are 14,500 drug addiction treatment facilities and one in every five adults takes at least one psychiatric drug.

Numbers - Treatments - Ones - Millions

But the numbers suggest that it’s not enough. Or, at least, that these treatments may not be the right ones for the millions still suffering.

The scientific community has taken notice and started to look with more seriousness at alternative treatments.

Amazon - Ayahuasca - Medicina - Medicine - Reverence

In the Amazon, ayahuasca is called ‘la medicina’ – the medicine - with utmost reverence. In the US, doctors are beginning to consider calling it the same.

The psychotropic brew is made from a combination of the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and one of several other vines that contain dimethyltryptamine...
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