Sharks Lay Eggs. Here's Some Creepy Footage of What That Looks Like

Live Science | 4/17/2018 | Staff
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If you'd asked H.R. Giger to design a ravioli, you could expect it to look something like the luminous shark egg captured in a viral GIF on Reddit yesterday (April 16). At first glance, it looks like a swampy green husk; but, when lit by a flashlight from behind, the slimy pouch reveals the slithering specter of a shark embryo within. And apparently, Jaws Jr. is none too pleased about the bright light shining into its home.

First of all: Yes, sharks do lay eggs. Some of them, anyway. About 70 percent of sharks are viviparous, meaning they give birth to live young; the remaining 30 percent of shark species, plus near-relatives like skates, rays and chimeras (which include the spooky "ghost shark"), are oviparous, meaning they lay eggs externally.

Shark - Egg - Embryo - Shark - Yolk

Each shark egg contains an embryo (baby shark) and a yolk sac (baby's first meal), much like a chicken's egg. Look closely in the GIF above and you can even see the umbilical cord anchoring the fluttering shark to its yolky lunchbox.

About 30 percent of sharks lay eggs like these. Can you see the baby squirming...
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