Five Scary Movies That Somehow Weren’t Rated R

TVOvermind | 3/19/2018 | Wake
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The rating system doesn’t always get it right when it comes to movies, which is why there are horror films out there that have received a rather lower rating than R. In some cases the movies might be old enough that the PG-13 rating hadn’t been invented yet, but for a lot of the movies on this list that’s just not the case. For some odd reason these films were left off the R list and allowed to be something lower despite the fact that they’re obviously more than you’d want the average kid watching. Some adults can’t even handle these movies without screaming in terror, so why in the world wouldn’t they be rated R?

The guidelines are supposedly set for such ratings, but sometimes it seems like they drop the ball.

Film - PG - People - Blood - Water

If you can believe it this film was actually rated PG when it came out. Yep, people getting eaten and blood staining the water red didn’t deserve an R rating apparently as the giant shark managed to get off with one of the tamest ratings in the history of movies. Most shark movies you see today usually get a tentative to solid R rating just because you know that at one point or another they’re going to get bloody.

The title alone should tell you that things are going to happen that no PG movie could possibly cover. This is something that is catering to adults and should be given a very definitive rating that doesn’t mince words. This film is a virtual splatterfest and yet it’s...
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