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The seventh planet from the sun, Uranus is the larger of the ice giants. The blue body contains an icy atmosphere that, like Neptune, differs dramatically from the other large planets.

"Uranus and Neptune are really unique in our solar system. They're very different planets than the other ones we think of," planetary scientist Amy Simon said on NASA's Gravity Assist podcast. "Part of the reason we call them ice giants is because they actually have a lot of water ice. So, while some of the other gas giant planets are mostly hydrogen and helium, they're predominately water and other ices."

Radius - Uranus - Miles - Kilometers - Diameter

The mean radius of Uranus is 15,792 miles (25,362 kilometers), giving a diameter four times that of Earth.

"If Earth were a large apple, Uranus would be the size of a basketball," NASA's Science website says.

Bodies - System - Spin - Uranus - Bulge

But like many other bodies in the solar system, the rapid spin of Uranus causes a slight bulge around the center. At the poles, Uranus has a radius of 15,517 miles (24,973 km), but at the equator, it expands to 15,882 miles (25,559 km). This bulge gives Uranus a shape known as an oblate spheroid.

If you were to take a walk around the equator of Uranus — a trip that might be challenging since the planet has no solid surface — you would travel 99,018 miles (159,354 km).

Uranus - Times - Size - Earth - Septillion

Although Uranus, discovered in 1781, is only four times the physical size of Earth, it is significantly more massive, weighing in at 86 septillion kilograms (just under one trillion trillion trillion). That makes it more than 14.5 times as massive as our rocky home.

The planet has a volume of 6.83x1013 cubic kilometers.

Density - Uranus - Grams - Centimeter - Planet

The density of Uranus is 1.27 grams per cubic centimeter, making it the second least dense planet in the solar system. Its low density indicates that it is...
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