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ScienceDaily | 2/21/2018 | Staff
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Regardless of whether you are human, a worm or a bacterium, all beings need to create new cells in order to grow or to replace old cells. But before a cell can divide, it must copy its entire genome, that is, its DNA. This is where the enzyme in question comes into play.

The enzyme, RNR, produces the building blocks required for DNA replication. When copying DNA, it is important to have precisely the right amount of the four different types of building blocks. Too much or too little of either of them causes mutations that may eventually lead to cancer.

Master - Switch - Part - Enzyme - Number

The so-called master switch is the specific part of the enzyme that regulates the number of different building blocks. When a sufficient number of building blocks for DNA copying or repair has been produced, the enzyme is switched off with the help of the master switch. Without this function, the enzyme would constantly be working to produce more building blocks.

The protein module functions something like a molecular epoxy glue, since it has the inbuilt capacity to stick the proteins together but can only do so when the "hardener," one of the DNA building blocks, is present in high enough concentration. This acts as a signal that the enzyme needs to be switched off.


The researchers have now investigated this...
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