Spiegel Online Slams Profiteering From Climate Alarmism… Munich Re Admits: “No Climate Signal”!

Climate Depot | 2/15/2018 | Rob Bushway
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Spiegel Online Slams Profiteering From Climate Alarmism… Munich Re Admits: “No Climate Signal”!

Spiegel Online published two days ago a report by science journalist Axel Bojanowski on the widespread “disinformation surrounding climate change” and the profit made from the hyping and exaggeration of weather extremes. Examples cited are the Deutsche Bundesbahn (German Railway), the reinsurance industry, foremost Munich Re, and alarmist climate scientists such as Potsdam Institute’s Stefan Rahmstorf. All have been playing it loose with the data on weather events and exaggerating (at times grossly) and with the aim of deriving profit, Spiegel shows. “Foaming at the mouth” Bojanowski’s piece has since found much praise and positive reaction for its content. For example high profile meteorologist Jörg Kachelmann tweeted here (translation follows): Dankbar, dass @Axel_Bojanowski via @SPIEGELONLINE den Stand der Wissenschaft in Sachen #Klimawandel korrekt wiedergibt und wiedergeben darf, auch wenn ihm nun Menschen mit Schaum vor dem Mund begegnen werden. — Jörg | (@Kachelmann) February 15, 2018 In English: Grateful that @Axel_Bojanowski via @SPIEGELONLINE is allowed to correctly report on the science of climate change, and even if he’ll be confronted by people foaming at the mouth.” Recently the Swiss meteorologist Kachelmann came under harsh attack from Potsdam scientist Stefan Rahmstorf and a leading German Green politician – for having the nerve to give the real facts on storm frequency and intensity on a television talk show that also included Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber. Seasoned journalist Michael Miersch also tweeted: “The best that I’ve ever read on the instrumentalization of climate change.” German Railway: climate change as a cover for poor management Bojanowski begins by describing how today the German Railway (Deutsche Bundesbahn) – once heralded for its outstanding punctuality and overall efficiency – has discovered how to use climate change to deflect blame away from its poor management,...
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