Polls Show Americans Think the Deep State Broke the Law to Stop Trump

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 2/9/2018 | George Prayias
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RUSH: Sharyl Attkisson says that what’s going on the FISA court is not new, that it’s actually been going on quite a while, that the FISA court has been weaponized by law enforcement, by political people, primarily the last eight years under Obama.

What would happen is that they would go seek a FISA warrant and get it in order to spy on Americans and then unmask them, and that this has been not a law enforcement thing about a political thing. I read that and wasn’t surprised by that. That’s what the Democrat Party is. That’s who Barack Obama was: Weaponizing all of these institutions against their enemies. The Democrats are not using optimism and happy endings. The Democrats preach apocalypse.

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The Democrats preach the end of the world. The Democrats preach the best days are behind us. The Democrats are totally consumed with negativism and think that this is inspiring people to vote for them. And because they don’t have anything positive to say, their primary weapon is to destroy opposition. And if they can succeed in destroying opposition, it doesn’t matter what they’re for or against. There’s nobody else to vote for.

There’s not enough of the opposition to get elected anyway. And that’s their objective. And they think they’re gonna win with this. And right in their face, they’re staring at what disproves that, and that’s the election of Donald Trump. Who’s Donald Trump? Whatever else Donald Trump is, he’s a patriot. He loves America. He thinks America is great. He wants to make it great again. And he comes at this from a position of genuineness. It’s not a political idea with him. It’s not part of a marketing strategy or a political strategy designed to get votes.

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