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The Last Refuge | 2/9/2018 | sundance
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Yesterday the news broke of Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman, Mark Warner, seeking covert contact with ‘Clinton-Steele Dossier’ originating entity Christopher Steele.

Within the March/April 2016 communication, the back-and-forth centered around Chris Steele wanting a written request signed by both the Vice-Chair (Warner) and the Senate Committee Chairman, Richard Burr.

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Without that bi-partisan request, Steele was not willing to engage with Warner unilaterally. If you consider the timing of the attempted communication (March ’16), and you overlay the expressed concerns therein; against the backdrop of the 2016 DC severe ideological effort the push for a special counsel probe based on false pretense against newly-elected President Trump; a picture emerges of Christopher Steele recognizing his endeavors within the enterprise carried considerable risk.

Vice-Chairman Warner didn’t want a ‘paper trail’ and transparently didn’t want the political opposition (republican members), to know of his political intent. Therefore Warner never asked Chairman Burr for his signature upon the letter requested by Steele. Ultimately Mr. Steele was correct in his suspicions, and prudent in his risk avoidance.

Warner - Messaging - Communication - Story - Place

All of that is true, however, very few have stopped to ask: how did we, the viewing public, discover the Warner messaging and communication story in the first place?

How did the story of the Warner text messaging get into the media bloodstream? Who was the ‘entity’ who investigated, discovered, and eventually released the Warner messaging?

Answers - Questions - Questions - December - Story

The answers to those questions are similar to the questions that have been demonstrably overlooked ever since early December when we discover the story of Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and Bruce Ohr. Each of the aforementioned ‘small group’ officials was removed from responsibility, disciplined and currently remains in stasis.

Within the overwhelming deluge of information that flowed as a consequence no-one paused to ask: How did we, the viewing public, find out about them, all of them, and their activity?

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