Quinquagesima Sunday – Prepare for the fight of your life!

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In our traditional Roman calendar, Sunday is Quinquagesima, Latin for the symbolic “Fiftieth” day before Easter. This is one of the pre-Lenten Sundays which prepare us for the discipline of Lent.

The priest’s vestments are purple. No Gloria. No Alleluia. The prayers and readings for the pre-Lenten Sundays were compiled by St. Gregory the Great (+604).

Consilium - Engineers - Annibale - Bugnini - Others

The Consilium’s liturgical engineers under Annibale Bugnini and others eliminated these pre-Lent Sundays, much to our detriment. (Cf. BugniniCare).

Those who participate at Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form will hear that the Introit refers to the “rock” and the Roman Station today is at St. Peter’s on the Vatican Hill.



Preces nostras, quaesumus, Domine, clementer exaudi: atque, a peccatorum vinculis absolutos, ab omni nos adversitate custodi.

Prayer - Liber - Sacramentorum - Augustodunensis - LS

This prayer is found in the ancient Liber Sacramentorum Augustodunensis and the L.S. Engolismensis. I cannot find this prayer in any form in the post-Conciliar editions of the Missale Romanum.

You won’t find Quinquagesima either! Thanks, Bugnini!

Lewis - Short - Dictionary - Absolvo - Detach

The ponderous Lewis & Short Dictionary reminds us that absolvo means “to loosen from, to make loose, set free, detach, untie” or in juridical language “to absolve from a charge, to acquit, declare innocent”. The priest uses this word when he absolves you of the bonds of your sins. Vinculum is “that with which any thing is bound, a band, bond, rope, cord, fetter, tie”. This bond can be literal, as in physical fetters, or it can be moral or some sort of state. You can be bound in charity or peace, or bound in damnation or sin. In the case if sin, in liturgical prayer we find a form of vinculum or its plural with “loosing” verbs such as absolvo or resolvo or dissolvo. In ancient prayer the state...
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