This Extreme Sect of Vegans Thinks Your Baby Will Destroy the Planet

Marie Claire | 1/30/2018 | Virginia Pelley
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Imagine for a moment that you and your partner have recently discovered you’re going to be parents. You’ve held this secret between the two of you for a few months now, but your bump is showing, and you’re starting to buy onesies, and you’re just so thrilled that you’re really, truly pregnant that you want to share it with the world. So you create your perfect Facebook post, with two adult-sized pairs of shoes and a little bitty baby pair and the words “Family of Three: Spring 2018!” scrawled in pink or blue handwriting font. And you wait for the congratulatory comments to start rolling in—“Ahhh so exciting,” and “can’t wait to meet the little nugget,” and “omg you’re going to be the best mom!”

But then, something else happens. Your notifications, instead, are replete with “Ew”s. You are called a “Mombie” and your forthcoming offspring “crotch-fruit” and “**** demon.” You are congratulated, not on your bundle of joy, but on “your latest contribution to overpopulation.”

Mom-to-be - Victim - Anti-natalists

You, once-elated mom-to-be, have fallen victim to the anti-natalists.

“The optimal population of earth is zero.”

Anti-natalists - Adherents - Philosophy - Beings - Force

Anti-natalists are adherents of the philosophy that human beings are a destructive force to animals and to the earth, and therefore it’s morally wrong to create more of them. It isn’t possible, anti-natalists point out, to ask fetuses if they wish to be born (or get an answer out of them, anyway), so having a child means foisting life on another being without his or her consent.

“Our parents thrust us into the world but they won’t be living our lives for us. There’s no way to predict your future or your child’s—but there will be guaranteed loneliness, disappointments, frustration, fears, illnesses, long work hours, and pain,” says Diane Bandy, a writer, animal advocate, and anti-natalist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “Reproduction and parenting have...
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