The Entire “Flat Earth Conspiracy” Is A Hoax And The Media Is Loving It

Hot Air | 1/15/2018 | Staff
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What explains all of these flat Earth believer stories which keep popping up in the media? Bear with me here, because this may be a bit on the “meta” side as the kids like to say these days. I’m not talking about the phenomenon itself, where people supposedly claim that the planet is shaped like a pancake and the government, no doubt in league with Big Globe, is trying to bury the truth for some nefarious reason. The question I was pondering this week is why the media keeps paying so much attention to it. And I’ve got a theory of my own.

First of all, yes… I’ve fallen victim to the trend myself. Almost a year ago I tried digging into some of the high profile athletes and musicians who seemed to have become devout followers of this cult. And not too long ago I even dedicated a small amount of space here to the Flat Earther who was building his own rocket to prove the planet isn’t round. So I’m part of the problem too, I suppose, but I was honestly only doing it for comedic effect on a slow news day.


What the **** happened on that final Saints/Vikings play?

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A conspiratorial mind-set and a deep current of religious ideology permeate the movement, which preaches that Earth was created by design, not by accident. As evidence of its shape, some reference Bible verses touting “the four corners of the Earth,” “foundations of the Earth” and Earth being God’s “footstool.”

David Falk, assistant professor of astronomy at Los Angeles Valley College, thinks that’s a mistake.

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“The serious science community feels it’s so basic that they don’t want to waste their time debunking it,” he said. “But this is a scary thing…. The danger isn’t that people don’t believe the Earth is round, it’s...
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