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Eidos | 12/7/2017 | Staff
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They still remember Pearl Harbor at the ceremonies in our government and my guess is that they will while direct memory of the event endures. It is meet and right so to do.

When the veterans remember Pearl Harbor, they recollect reality. The rest of us look backwards and try to have pious thoughts, though in an ahistorical age, those are hard to have. The brave lads are now just the “olds” (as my students say) and we are not quite sure if they are relevant or even quite acceptable. They are apt to remember Pearl Harbor just as they do the Alamo.

Feelings - Memories - Rule - People - Event

We have mixed feelings about these memories. Here is a rule: people who did not experience an event will see nuance in it that escapes those that were there. If you were in Twin Towers on 9/11 or there as the terrorists attacked, then you see evil being fought by good.

A Strength and Weakness in the Academic Memory

Memory - Event - Causes - God - Connnection

The memory of the academic is more nuanced, and there is great good to this, but also dangerous. Every event has so many causes that God alone knows every connnection, but an academic can get a dissertation from finding a few no other scholar has found. Still not all causes or connections are as vital as others.

Adam’s fall? That was a root cause of the terrorist attack on 9/11. Mistakes in American foreign policy and European colonialism were not immediate causes, but helped create the world in which terrorism would thrive. Radical and twisted forms of Islam pumped poison into the minds of young men. That was a proximate cause.

Fact - Men - Middle - East - Evils

Still the fact remains that most young men in the Middle East, even those exposed to the evils done by the West and the poison brewed in the East, did not become...
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