Sharks Attack Submarine Below Surface During Blue Planet II Filming

TVOvermind | 11/9/2017 | Wake
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It seems to me that expecting sharks to act any differently than any other animal when you approach their food isn’t bound to produce any different a result than what was seen here. Do you like people pushing up on your meal? Have you ever thanked someone for eyeballing the same thing that you want to eat? The answer is almost always no, so expecting a wild animal to do the same is kind of ridiculous. Plus, this is one of the only times that sharks are seen to get really aggressive, when they’re eating and feel disturbed. In an environment that can be as harsh as the open ocean it’s pretty understandable that they would feel the need to compete for resources even the meal they’re defending is enormous. There’s really no such thing as manners in the animal kingdom, it’s eat or starve.

The group of scientists in this miniature sub were seeking a whale carcass to find out just what happens when it sinks to the ocean floor. You can imagine that they found something more than what they were expecting. To dispel a quick myth, sharks won’t just eat what they can catch. It takes a lot of energy to hunt and can be more trouble than it’s worth at times, so thinking that a shark will live on just what it can catch is kind of silly. They aren’t averse to being scavengers and will go after pretty much anything they can find. If they find competition for that food...
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