Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Sa-Nakht May Have Been a Giant, New Study Suggests

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Countless people have claimed to encounter giants throughout history. Greek titans, various Norse giants, the Chinese giant Pangu, and the Biblical giants Goliath and Anak are all examples of stories of extremely large beings in different cultures. This has led many to wonder if real giants ever existed. One example which has been suggested as a possibility is the giant Kap Dwa. Kap Dwa is alleged to be a Patagonian giant discovered off the coast of South America. The body is unusual not just in its gigantic stature, but also in the fact that it has two heads. Could this giant be real? It is scientifically plausible, but its association with P. T. Barnum and the fact that it has not been examined by experts call this giant’s authenticity into question.

Kap Dwa is said to be a 12-foot (3.66 meter) tall giant, the body of which is in a museum in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. It is said to be a Patagonian giant. Patagonia was considered a land inhabited by giants for a long time. The legend of Patagonian giants goes back to a story told by the explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Magellan - Men - Beaches - South - America

Magellan and his men stopped on the beaches of South America and went inland to explore. As they explored, it is said they encountered natives that were twice the size of a normal man. This is probably because a few of the indigenous peoples of the region, namely the Tehuelche, do happen to be taller than the average European was at the time. This height difference may have been exaggerated, leading to the long-standing European myth that Patagonia was a land of giants.

Is it possible though that there may have been a few real giants in Patagonia and that Kap Dwa is an example of them?

Giant - Footprint - Pingyan - Giant

The Giant Footprint of Pingyan: Giant...
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