The Schiff Show Goes Off the Rails

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 1/30/2020 | George Prayias
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RUSH: I’m watching this stupid trial. It is obvious that Democrat senators have coordinated Democrat questions for the House managers. They got together, they’ve written the questions and answers in advance. “Do you believe there is any limit to type or scope of quid pro quo in regards to a foreign entity?” This is a question that Schiff is answering. They’re having a cow over what Dershowitz said yesterday.

Dershowitz said, “You can’t separate a politician trying to do things to help himself from doing things to assist the country. You can’t say that a president can’t engage in anything that might benefit him because it’s a violation of the Constitution or is a high crime or misdemeanor or impeachable offense. Nothing would ever get done, unless the president actively engages in policies that were harmful to him! That was essentially Dershowitz’s point.

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They are mangling that and they are distorting it, because it’s one of these hard doses of reality and common sense about how human beings work. Everybody engages in self-interest. The idea that in the case of Donald Trump, self-interest is harmful to the country? Where does that come from? Here is a guy who’s done nothing but improve — by any measure — life in this country, and yet they’re out trying to make the case that Donald Trump is trying to arrange things so he’s improving his own political life, personal life, political prospects.

You know, if the country were going to **** in a has not basket and the country were triumphing, if he were selling the country out while benefiting, that would be one thing. But it’s the exact opposite of what was happening. It’s such a reverse; it’s such a change in direction. It’s such, as the cliche goes, a breath of fresh air. But...
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